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New Moon in Sagittarius December 14, 2020 Total Solar Eclipse

It’s officially a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14, 2020 at 11:16 am ET. 

This New moon in Sagittarius also brings us a Total Solar Eclipse which will be visible in South America and South Africa.

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Over the next two weeks the Moon will grow fuller, symbolizing a new cycle of personal growth. The Total Solar Eclipse symbolically indicates that we will have a change from the past and toward the future with a new perspective, a new awareness and new wisdom. This can be a period of renewal and great change for many. What we feel, think and believe are all indicated to have the potential to bring new light into our lives and into the world.

The Eclipse reminds us to let go of past thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs to replace them with better thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs and to take action toward more positive, lighter intentions.

The Eclipse can be a marking point of important information revealed that changes our future.

Also an interesting note is that this eclipse is the midpoint between The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 and another Eclipse over the United States occurring on April 8, 2024. On December 14, 2020 it has been 1211 days since The Great American Eclipse in 2017, and it is 1211 days until the April 2024 Eclipse over the US.

Sagittarius is about our vision for the world, what we believe and what we are aiming for.

With this New Moon in Sagittarius, the Moon meets the Sun in Sagittarius, while Mercury in Sagittarius is also close by in conjunction with The Sun and Moon. This indicates we are planting seeds to develop new thoughts and ideas, especially thinking about more enlightened beliefs with a growing interest in the meaning of life. Hope and optimism are feelings encouraged by a New Moon in Sagittarius to help us develop toward a better potential for our future. The most important point of this New Moon is for us to identify what we are focusing on and what we want the world to become so that we can move toward manifesting that reality as we head into the future. It is time to point the arrow of what you want toward a better vision for the world.

The Moon, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius are also in opposition to The Destiny Point in Gemini. This further indicates how news, information and communications, media and social media are a strong part of what we think and believe influencing our path forward. Becoming aware of what is happening in the world is one thing, but if it is getting to you because there is a lot of negativity or conflict, or bringing your energy down, this New Moon in Sagittarius reminds us that it’s time to assert what thoughts and feelings you want to focus on, as we move forward. This can include being more selective about the information we are accessing and sharing in the world.

Sagittarius likes freedom, justice and an open mind and seeks the truth, so restrictions of information imposed by media and social media outlets is certainly not something Sagittarius appreciates.

Sagittarius wants wide open spaces with expansive vistas, so this New Moon in Sagittarius symbolizes how we can create a new vision of freedom, of choices, of opportunities when we have an open mind to imagine a wider variety of options available.

Sagittarius encourages the freedom to think, learn, grow, teach, educate, and bring wisdom, justice and truth into the world. With an open mind to consider many perspectives and learn about options and points of view, then you are able to make an informed decision about what matters most.

Considering the arrow of Sagittarius, it symbolizes pointing in a direction and taking aim, within the realm of wide possibilities. The opportunities to choose a particular focus are wide open in Sagittarius. Sagittarius resists being restricted and chooses to focus on freedom as the priority.

What we think and believe, what we feel, what direction we want to move in for our future is critical in the future we are creating.

The New Moon in Sagittarius reminds us to be optimistic and enthusiastic about our potential and what we are aiming for in life to encourage more positive outcomes as we move forward. The power of our feelings and our minds to manifest reality can create great change, so it is recommended that we aim for the best, positive outcomes.

Because there is a lot of negativity that comes through the media and social media, this is the time to turn toward brighter more positive thoughts to help manifest and grow more positive feelings in ourselves and those around us. We each have the ability to think more positively about what is possible, and to make choices that lead us toward that positive direction and add that to the collective.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Jupiter is leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius on December 19, 2020. Jupiter will be in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020 as we head toward the Winter Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, 2020.

We are all facing major changes in our lives, which has especially increased since the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn on November 12, 2020. Jupiter is concerned with justice so we can expect people to feel more fired up about the importance of truth in our political world now. Jupiter, as ruler of Sagittarius, also represents the beliefs that allow power to exist in the world, such as political power, and is also associated to royalty and the power of kings and queens that expanses over the land. Hearing more about people in high positions of power and what they think and believe is highly likely during this period.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is in positive connection with Pluto in Capricorn, and is also in positive connection to Mars in Aries now. This indicates a strengthening drive and willpower to create change. However, the issue is that egos can be overblown and overly confident, so leadership in the political realm could be very interested in amping up force that Mars and Pluto represent at this time. This New Moon in Sagittarius is a reminder that we want truth and justice to grow, so where we may see people in political positions working against justice, it will encourage more citizens to actively pursue justice.

If you can tap into the positive, fiery power of Sagittarius, coupled with the drive and desire of Mars in Aries you are likely to create impactful changes in your life. Changes in your worldview and your philosophy on life can lead to shifts in your identity and your goals.

Because hope and optimism are emphasized in fiery Sagittarius, frustration can easily develop when things are moving slower. Restlessness and impatience can lead to reactive behavior, so do try to temper this tendency when you notice it rising. Exercise is a great option to expend energy if it becomes excessive. A yoga practice in the sunshine is always an enlightening experience. Exercising, especially cardio, will boost your energy and release positive endorphins in your body improving your thoughts and your emotions.

By directing your fiery energy toward good you can take charge, get active and excited about the opportunities you have to grow your life with this New Moon in Sagittarius.


A More Personal Perspective on the New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon symbolically opens a new chapter giving us the opportunity to become renewed and it is encouraged that your focus be on making yourself feel better and more positive mentally and emotionally.

The Moon is also associated with your body, home and family.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is also pointing us toward the Full Moon in Cancer coming up at the end of December. This reminds us of the importance of home, family, and those we care for as well as the importance of taking care of our bodies with good food, nourishment and enjoying creature comforts. Exploring new recipes, and cooking exotic, foreign cuisine can bring fun and warmth to home life as we head toward the Full Moon in Cancer.

Because a lot of people are stressed these days, if you manage to have a positive, upbeat perspective, it would be great for you to share that positive energy with others to help lift people’s moods. Sagittarius is also associated with great humor and optimism, so if you’re wanting to shift your energy to feel better, watching or reading entertaining comedies are recommended now to help you raise your thoughts and feelings to a more positive place.

This is an excellent time to be creative. The placement of this New Moon also brings an association with the sign of Leo, so theatrical, creative approaches to expressing your feelings are also recommended. Arts and crafts, singing and dancing, dressing up and changing your style can give you a shift of energy and lift your mood. We could see demonstrations of art that get a lot of attention with an important message during this period as well.

Making a vision board, to get yourself moving toward positive ideas and possibilities can be helpful in uplifting your spirits as well. Positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings added to the collective consciousness of the world can help create meaningful change, like the butterfly effect.

The New Moon in Sagittarius with the Eclipse is a reminder for us to create changes for a brighter, more positive future. An enthusiastic feeling about your future, is the best route forward now. Welcome fresh, new energy and growth.

As Sagittarius is a philosophical sign, the positive power of prayer is also indicated to raise positive thoughts and feelings.

The kind of energy that you project is the kind of energy that grows. Your approach and your intentions are where your power is at. When faced with difficulties, you can empower a situation by bringing the light, positive side to the forefront and shift the energy all around you towards solutions.

You are the artist of your life. You get to mix, blend, merge and manifest whatever energy that you are presented with your own energy. Bringing your own energy, your own consciousness to situations is the power you have to create the change you want to see. Each of us are an important part of the picture that is painted in the world.

Keep your vision and your dreams at the forefront and you will be able to create all new situations. The arrow of Sagittarius gives you the power to direct and go far. You get to teach by example and learn through your experiences, and create the balance that allows you to move towards the bigger and better things in life that matter to you. This is a time for fresh, wise energy to begin anew.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is full of power to start new thinking, new feelings, new philosophies, bigger ideas. When you have realizations about the grand themes of your life, personalize them and make them real by setting your target and directing your arrow.

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