Chiron Stations Direct in Aries December 15, 2020 at 5:18 pm ET

Chiron is in Aries from February 18, 2019 until January 2028 and will station Retrograde and Direct multiple times during this period.

Chiron has been Retrograde in Aries from July to December, 2020 and now goes Direct in Aries.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac symbolizing our youngest years of life and our personal sense of identity, what we look like and who we know ourselves to be. Aries is where one says, “I Am”.

Chiron in Aries is a time when people need to heal their identity and emotional wounds, especially those deep wounds that were conditioned from childhood. Collectively, people tend to be more sensitive during this period as they work through figuring out how to heal their deepest, personal wounds that have been with them for a long time.

Self acceptance is a key priority for our lives now, which can lead to people asserting themselves as different and unique from others. However, this can lead to a protective and defensive attitude towards others that push people’s emotional buttons. The most obvious issue with this is that people tend to focus on and compartmentalizing themselves and others through the subjective lens of identity politics and racial profiling.

Uranus was in Aries for a long time from 2010 to 2019 until Uranus entered Taurus. When Uranus was in Aries there was certainly a noticeable escalation of kerfuffles, especially in the last few years as identity politics had been greatly emphasized. People made a strong effort to identify themselves as one thing or another, and consequently strongly rebelled against opposing identities. Uranus in Aries has created quite a stir, brought up issues of racism and racial profiling, sexism, genderism, political identities and differences of social class and status. We’ve seen all sorts of protests on many subjects as people brought their thoughts and beliefs about identities of themselves and others to the forefront.

Chiron is a slow moving celestial body, just like Uranus, taking years to transit through a sign. This symbolizes that personal considerations are far reaching bringing identity issues as a collective into focus including race and nationality.

Now that Uranus is out of Aries since March 2019, we will see Chiron continue the process and focus on identity, and hopefully bring healing to the Aries space for the long term. Emphasis will be on healing the rifts people have made between each other and recognizing the wounds that have been made. We will slowly see the importance of a more compassionate stance take root as the lessons Chiron brings forward from the spiritual sign of Pisces, brings a karmic focus into the next stage of healing who we are. Interestingly, with Chiron in Aries we are also hearing more about reparations from the past.

Acknowledging the masks we wear and the masks we place, label and project onto others is signified during this period. It is certainly interesting how masks are a major focus in 2020. Issues of identity of self vs others, division, racism, defamation, character assassination, smear campaigns, false accusations, and damaged reputations need to be healed to be true to ourselves and humanity.

Victims of abuse are likely to bring their personal stories forward more as part of their healing process. We are also likely to see this turn into a collective trend where some people may abuse this approach and pull the victim identity card and claim to be offended over just about anything for personal gain and attention, as a validation tool, for upping their social standing, or winning identity battles against opponents. In Aries, identity can be used as a tool, as a shield and a weapon.

Aries is very egocentric, it is about the self, capital “Me, Me, Me,” which indicates people seeing things from their own point of view more often than seeing from other people’s points of view. This is an important part of what needs to heal going forward with Chiron in Aries, as people will start to recognize how their own identity is connected to the identities of others as a collective.

Many will be facing personal hurts that have come about from how they were treated by others. Considerations like, “How could You do that to Me?” will be frequently brought to attention.

This can also be true in relation to how authority figures in power influence our individual lives from the top down with so much attention in Capricorn in 2020 – the sign of authority, politics, and business leaders.

Aries rules the head, brain and eyes. The Ram is known to defend itself ramming its head at its opposition. Healing our personalities and self perception is ripe while Chiron is in Aries. Our egos need serious healing, especially from negative things people may have said about our personal characteristics and identity that may have damaged our self confidence long term.

Mars is in Aries as well when Chiron Stations Direct on December 15, 2020. Some may take the Mars/Aries energy and become highly confrontational as they defend their personal identities or assert their personal power and ego.

Those that have been able to heal themselves from traumatic issues, abuse and bullying can be role models that brings wisdom and healing to those still working through such issues.

Counselors, life coaches and social workers could find this time highly valuable for expanding their reach and efforts in helping others heal. Compassionate people will likely feel a noticeable, strong calling to protect children from abuse while Chiron is in Aries.

Forgiveness from past hurts, maltreatment and abuses is suggested as an important part of the healing process now.

Through it all, new identities and a new sense of self perception will emerge as people will heal and define themselves in a new light of self acceptance.

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One thought on “Chiron Direct in Aries December 15, 2020

  1. Just thinking about everything that is going on right now in regards to the forced Vacs they are proposing….

    Chiron in Aries… Your body is YOUR Temple. Your health is yours.

    With Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn we can see extreme overreach and destructiveness by those in positions of power.

    It is relevant to ask, “Does the government or any organization own your body, or have the right to violate you against your will if you don’t want them to force you to have a Vacs?”

    To force people to put something in their body that they don’t want is a violation of your most fundamental right to one’s own health.

    As well worth considering, how does wearing a mask impact our perception of identities?

    And what about Contact Tracing where technology surveillance is used to track everywhere you go?

    Can you see how all this fits into the symbolism of Chiron in Aries while Pluto and Jupiter are in Capricorn, Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus?

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