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Venus in Sagittarius December 15, 2020

Venus enters Sagittarius December 15, 2020 at 11:20 am ET

Venus leaves watery Scorpio and enters fiery Sagittarius indicating a good time to step away from the psychological analysis of relationships and step into bringing more enthusiasm and positive energy to relationships.

Venus in Sagittarius can also bring a desire for romantic freedom and in turn have eyes wandering toward what more is possibly out there in the world of love and relationships.

The best compatible relationships are those that have a similar philosophical perspective, worldview and outlook on life now. When discussing the big picture of life you want to have a good bond and commonalities that allow you to create a vision of the future together.

Enthusiasm for new relationship encounters is indicates, as is bringing new life to relationships that are already established.

Those who are single may especially enjoy their independence and freedom now to consider the wider possibilities.

Beautiful, wide open spaces can bring a sense of freedom. Creatives and artists will appreciate learning and broadening their palette and process by experimenting with a more loose and abstract approach. The beauty of religious iconography and art is especially inspiring now.

It’s easy to overspend now too, and splurging plenty of money can be quite tempting during this period.

Venus will be in Sagittarius until January 8, 2021 at 10:40 am ET. 

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