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Jupiter in Aquarius December 19, 2020

Jupiter officially enters Aquarius on December 19, 2020 at 8:06 am ET.

Jupiter will be in Aquarius until December 28, 2021 but will also briefly enter Pisces between May 13, 2021 and July 28, 2021. I will briefly touch on that in this horoscope, but will mainly focus on Jupiter in Aquarius here.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius in 2021. You will also be interested in the Saturn in Aquarius starting December 17, 2020 horoscope.

Jupiter also conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020 at 1:20 pm ET where I have already talked a lot about Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in a written article and I also made an accompanying video on that.

Mercury in Sagittarius conjuncts the Sun in Sagittarius also on December 19, 2020 as well at 10:25 pm ET indicating this is a special time to start thinking brighter. Brilliant ideas that arise can change your future direction. You could have an epiphany and a light bulb moment around this time signifying positive insights and awareness going forward with Jupiter in Aquarius. This would be a great time to visualize and envision a more positive future, create a vision board, or focus on starting something new that broadens your horizons. Writing, talking, reading, learning and exploring new ideas and possibilities are all recommended. We could see more awareness increase at this time around the world. People will likely want to communicate more and get together to share thoughts and ideas about what is happening in the world.

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Many expect this to be an enlightening period where we may have a Great Awakening, and many are associating this period with the Age of Aquarius.

With a focus on Jupiter in Aquarius we can expect a much broader perspective on reality. This is where our hopes for the future represented by Aquarius are infused with the philosophical love of wisdom represented by Jupiter. We can expect a lot of explorations and expansions in what we think and believe about life and the world. Humanitarianism and scientific explorations and sci-fi concepts are especially likely to be in focus during this period.

Freedom, Humanitarianism and Social Responsibility

And speaking of groups in general that are associated with Aquarius, we could certainly see people become more interested in connecting with like-minded groups. This can give people a stronger sense of community with humanity and humanitarian causes.

While Saturn in Aquarius indicates a more restrictive group-think mentality, Jupiter can instill an interest in exploring a wider variety of groups and a broader perspective of reality. The blend of restriction and expansion of the mind with Saturn and Jupiter both in Aquarius could indicate what we think of as a push toward a collective mindset, but we should be also aware of how hive-mind works so we aren’t all herded into a controlled reality. Jupiter likes freedom and will resist control of the mind which can be represented by Saturn in Aquarius.

With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius we are likely to see a growing awareness of the need for social responsibility in the world – wherever we see suppression of humanity the desire for freedom will increase. Treating people fairly is assured to be a growing topic which can include a variety of social topics. Wherever we see division such as in racial divides and social class, we will see a growing interest in fairness, equality, and justice. Many more people are likely to find interest in being more altruistic. People are likely to be looking to increase a sense of peace and love for humanity during this period reminiscent of a hippy movement.

We are likely to see individuals, especially the humanitarian types that want to see justice and equality for all, get a lot more attention in their efforts. People that feel strongly about a cause are sure to want to expand their intentions and have a wider influence.

We could also see rebellious personalities with a strong sense of individuality wanting to be more picky and decisive about the types of groups and people they associate with. But they could also be more experimental and interested in broadening perspectives by joining groups that are unique to the personal interests of the individual. Groups that are eccentric and beyond the norm and have innovative ideas are likely to gather more attention and interest during this period.

We are likely to see more people wanting to protect their minds from influences they don’t like, but then also being more open-minded to discover new topics that are more in line with the frame of mind and ideologies they want to move toward. Overall we can see a shift in consciousness that can be more generalized for the collective, yet also colored with unique qualities and interests specific to each person. During this period artists, creative people are sure to find themselves becoming more true to themselves. Philosophically minded people are likely to expand their interests in cultural beliefs from around the world and in the process become more aware and enlightened.

Jupiter likes to learn with an open mind and in Aquarius greatly values freedom of thought and access to information and higher learning. As much as Jupiter in Aquarius indicates growing in awareness with an open mind, Aquarius can also be a bit wish washy and naive, sometimes believing just about anything. And as Aquarius is a fixed sign, we could see people strongly and stubbornly hold beliefs for a while, then all of the sudden they may have an epiphany or realization and then they could switch to being stuck on a whole other belief for a while. There is the potential for fickleness with Aquarius. So, considering this, Saturn in Aquarius can actually be helpful encouraging a healthy dose of skepticism so you aren’t carried away. It would be wise to often question, “Does this information actually make sense?”

Jupiter is associatd with journalism as well, and in Aquarius can bring us an excessive amount of information influencing our minds particularly from media and social media. Whereas social media gives us access to a random, wide variety of information, we also see the Saturnian push for selectively restricting the flow of certain information decided according to the intentions of authority figures. I also talk more about the contrasts between Jupiter and Saturn in the Saturn in Aquarius Horoscope. We can expect that with Jupiter in Aquarius, people are not going to be so accepting of being restricted in what they think and believe according to the demands of those in authority, but rather will want more freedom to think well outside the box.

Jupiter in Aquarius also indicates that justice geared toward truth and freedom will increase in importance. With Saturn also in Aquarius, we could see a push by the collective of citizens to demand that anyone imposing restrictions that are unlawful and suppress people’s rights, will be held accountable, so that freedom can reign. This can certainly include politicians, authority figures in positions of power, as well as governing bodies, especially including tech and social media companies. People are likely to be more skeptical of propaganda and methods of mind manipulation and control during this period as more people seek an expanded awareness of the truth. I also talk more about that sort of thing in the Saturn in Aquarius Horoscope.


Sci Fi, Technology and the Future

With the expansion of consciousness spanning the world we are likely to see a growing interest in advancements of futuristic technologies. Talk about scientific concepts like we would associate with Nikola Tesla are likely to be expanded upon. And speaking of Tesla, with the big changes happening in the tech industry, we see Elon Musk moving his business interests out of Silicon Valley and into Texas where the phrase Go Big or Go Home is a popular sentiment that aligns with the larger, expanded scope Jupiter implies.

We could also hear more talk about aliens, UFOs and crop circles in 2021, as an expanded, futuristic, space-age vision of the world is to be expected. Space exploration is sure to gain more attention and we will certainly hear more about artificial intelligence as a part of our future reality.

Jupiter is also associated with religion, beliefs and philosophy and it’s quite interesting that the traditional nativity scene by the Catholic Church has been replaced with a sci-fi, alien-like scene for 2020.

As Aquarius points to the future, and Jupiter signifies ideologies and beliefs from cultures around the world as well as the expanse of history, we are likely to see a growing interest in new age perspectives, as well as connections to past cultures like ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and explorations of ideas about technologically advanced civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. Spiritual concepts around crystals and gemstones are also linked to Aquarius, as is Astrology. Scientific explorations of the power of the mind, like telepathy are also associated with Aquarius. We are also likely to hear more talk from religious leaders and adaptations of ideologies during this period as we navigate into the future.

As Aquarius is associated with a far-out perspective on reality, and is also associated with social groups and the mindset of the collective, we could see hippy movements for example. We could also see formations of strange or eccentric groups, like cults that are space oriented like Heaven’s Gate or the Raëlian UFO religion. Concepts of cloning and DNA manipulation are highly likely to be explored while Jupiter is in Aquarius.

Money matters can get a lot more attentions as we head into 2021 with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in Taurus now. As Jupiter brings global and far-reaching considerations we could see major influences of global financial interests come into play. We’ve already heard talk of universal income and a more socialist perspective being planned for the future by global interests. We could also see more attention and awareness brought to how global organizations are pushing to expand (Jupiter) while also imposing strict rules and regulations (Saturn). Foundations, charities and non-governmental organizations could get a lot more attention in 2021 as well, especially in terms of how money is used and gained to push certain operations and global interests worldwide.

I have also mentioned in other horoscopes that Uranus in Taurus also indicates a combination of technology and biology, so we could see a lot more focus on the bio-tech industry in 2021 and we are already seeing a lot of steps in that direction already in 2020.

With Uranus in Taurus we could also see nuclear energy and nuclear power come into larger focus in 2021 as well as electrical power grids and electro-magnetic pulses.

Jupiter in Aquarius will be in challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus on January 17, 2021. This could indicate a much more attention on financial considerations, jobs and income, including cryptocurrencies. With Jupiter and Saturn also in Aquarius we could see financial systems go through restructuring. This can also indicate that bio-tech get a major push at this time, and perhaps global initiatives will not be well tolerated. Mars will also be in close conjunction to Uranus in Taurus at this time, which can indicate that space-age technology related to war and military endeavors could be in larger focus, and it can also bring up strong issues about cybersecurity and the economy. Individuals that value freedom could be especially vocal and rebellious at this time, especially those that are having financial issues. As people assert their will and seek financial security we could see clashes of interests.

And speaking of aspects, just about a week earlier, Mercury will be in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on January 9, 2020 at 10:17 pm ET and Mercury will conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius on January 11, 2021 at 12:19 pm ET. Around this date we could hear much more talk about media and social media, perhaps situations around the cybersecurity and financial issues that Uranus in Taurus indicates. We could also see a stronger push for open dialogue and truth where information may be restricted due to Saturn in Aquarius as well.

Jupiter will be in positive connection with The Destiny Point in Gemini on February 26, 2021. This indicates an important time of growing awareness, particularly through information, news and communications. Many of us could receive an important message around this time, or we could see more people collectively awaken and become more aware of how information, thoughts, ideas and beliefs are directing us toward our future and creating our destiny.

I will talk a lot more about aspects as we get closer to certain dates in 2021 as well.

Jupiter is also associated with travel worldwide, and with Saturn also in Aquarius we could see focus on how the current state of political affairs is affecting the travel industry, especially airlines. The technology tracking that Saturn in Aquarius implies for airline travel could get a lot more attention in 2021.


Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter Retrograde in 2021

As mentioned, Jupiter will also be entering Pisces for a short period in 2021 ~ from May 13 to July 28, 2021. This brings much more attention to spirituality and larger beliefs we have about reality and the meaning of life. An expanded vision of reality beyond the material world, and further into the metaphysical and esoteric considerations is likely to grow during this period. When Jupiter stations Retrograde in Pisces on June 20, 2021 we could see a total reversal and change of beliefs in many people. Where religion and spirituality may not have been a priority for many people, this period can indicate a time when many more people explore spiritual and soul considerations.

Jupiter in Pisces indicates an emphasis on loving kindness, compassion, dissolving the ego, and expansion of the soul and beliefs about God and the meaning of life beyond the physical, as well as the afterlife. Many are likely to gain a deeper understanding of the gift of life. Pisces is also associated with sacrifice, which can be represented in a myriad of literal ways but symbolically sacrifice can represent diminishing egotism to favor allowing love and compassion toward others to flourish and grow.

While Retrograde, Jupiter will enter back into Aquarius on July 28, 2021. Jupiter will then Station direct in Aquarius on October 28, 2021 and finish off in Aquarius on December 28, 2021. We can expect that during this period reconsidering our path toward the future and the changes that need to be made, not only for ourselves, but worldwide.

The great opportunity available with Jupiter in Aquarius is to have a positive influence on the collective consciousness. It may not be easy because Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that there are challenges we must work through in life, but hopefully we can bring emphasis to finding innovative ways of expanding and growing toward a more awakened, conscious reality as we head into the future. Communication and sharing of information from a variety of venues will be an important part of contributing to elevating collective consciousness and bringing greater awareness to the world.

Because Aquarius and Jupiter both speak to our social world and our beliefs, this is a potent time where we will see changes in society, and how each of us plays a conscious role in what we contribute to help move it along. Although we could face challenges with Saturn in Aquarius, it is recommened to not give in to the negativity, but instead have a birds eye view as an objective observer and to focus on how to manifest positive changes from a place of higher consciousness and awareness.

I think Jupiter in Aquarius reminds us all of the great importance of being free thinkers.

As each of us are a spark of consciousness in the world, we can each bring greater awareness that influences and affects reality. Jupiter in Aquarius is a significant time to think outside the box and to think bigger about the positive and hopeful possibilities so we can help manifest a better future.

Even with everything going on in the world, we are being reminded to think positive thoughts to add faith and hope to the collective consciousness.

Of course I will be talking a lot more about this and more as we head into the future with new horoscopes.

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