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January 2021 Monthly TarotScopes and Astrology Horoscopes

Wow! We got through 2020 and here we are now entering 2021.

I am glad you are here. Let’s hope we can make 2021 a positive year together.

This month we are using the Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche.

I have had this deck for years and just finally opened it. I actually like the artwork on the cards, and I think you’ll enjoy the imagery this month. I’m sure I’ll be using this deck on a regular basis, and I will use it in the Weekly TarotScope in the weeks ahead.

Your Monthly TarotScope with Astrology is a combination of insights from the Tarot and Astrology relating to your zodiac sign with a general overall message of practical advice for the month ahead.

To get a TarotScope with a focus catered to you, Personal TarotScopes are also available.

Whether it is love, money, career, lifestyle, relationships or general advice for your well being, I reveal a message relevant to you.

Links to New Horoscopes will also be posted throughout the month once they are published.

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JANUARY 2021 TarotScope


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