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Venus in Capricorn January 8, 2021

Venus enters Capricorn January 8, 2021 at 10:40 am ET.

Venus will be in Capricorn until February 1, 2021.

Mercury enters Aquarius also on January 8, 2021.

Venus is considered a personal planet and more about how you feel, look and experiencing your senses in the material world as well as your attractions, relationships and love life. Venus is considered one of the most beneficial planets. In cold and wintry Capricorn, her energy is considered to be less pronounced, but love and beauty can never be denied for what it is. In Capricorn, Venus is like appreciating a most majestic mountain range capped in snow.

Capricorn is very much about ambition, creating a legacy and reaching towards goals especially in business and politics. As Venus is associated with females, this can signify a female taking a leadership role and attracting attention during this period.

With fame and career as one of the high points symbolized by Capricorn, Venus could be demonstrated to its fullest as a model. Using beauty and attraction as a path to one’s career is very much a Venus in Capricorn characteristic. Therefore, the fashion industry is a great example of Venus in Capricorn.

Wearing darker, colder colors in your clothes, makeup and accessories correspond to Venus in Capricorn. A more professional look suitable to your career and dressing for success is suggested now.

Venus in earthy Capricorn emphasizes taking care of your physical body through practical self care. A more natural approach is recommended.

Capricorn also corresponds to time, with Saturn as its ruler and is associated with elderly and mature types. Working against the signs of aging can be associated with Venus in Capricorn, which would be a demonstration of how Venus is more inhibited in energy here.

Natural beauty is considered to be more admirable and appreciated during this period. Real beauty always radiates from a loving heart.

Famous and wealthy people that fight hard against the aging process thereby turning their faces into expensive, immovable masks from excess plastic surgery, botox and such, are likely to be less admired by general public opinion during this period for their demonstration of a lack of self acceptance. But those that accept how their looks change with the aging process as representative of their wisdom and maturity through their lifetime, can be positive role models now.

As an earth sign, Capricorn is work and career oriented. Money matters and materialistic goals also come into focus with Venus in Capricorn. What you possess and own, and what you want are likely to become a stronger focus. How are you attaining the material comforts you want in life?

As this period can remind you to think about your well being, it is wise to consider if you are working so hard for your career, to acquire more money and attain more material things, that you are consequently neglecting your body and health. It is recommended that you slow down a bit to ensure you are you doing all the right things to ensure your physical body is well taken care of?

Of course, Venus is also a strong symbol of love. In relationships, strong bonds are important. In Capricorn, Venus can strengthen a sense of mature connection can emphasize long term commitments. Attractions to older people can be more noticeable with Venus in Capricorn.

Getting engaged, married and making promises in relationships can be associated with Venus in Capricorn. Putting a ring on that finger, has been said to have its symbolic origins from the rings of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn).

Stability and reliability in relationships are most desirable traits now. For those that want security, yet tend to feel insecure about their relationships, will find working on strengthening the bonds during Venus in Capricorn is valuable and worthwhile.

This can be a good time to work together with a partner to establish common goals and to work toward financial success so that your relationship can flourish with more opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of life. A supportive partner in career matters is best with Venus in Capricorn.

Those that feel the need to be loved may end up idolizing the one they adore and feel they are their possession, and sometimes that could be projected onto a celebrity, or someone with a grand status in life.

Self worth, self respect, self confidence and self acceptance is highly important for Venus to be at its best when in Capricorn. Working on these will ensure you can achieve your best during this period.

Venus meets with Pluto in Capricorn on January 28, 2021 at 11:17 am ET. This can be a transformative time in finance and career. Changes in your goals, especially in finance and business matters are indicated. Changes in relationships, especially who you admire is likely. If you are making any big, life changing decisions around this time it is wise to be aware that Mercury goes Retrograde on January 30, 2021.

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