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Tarot: Judgment, 10 of Swords, The Wheel of Fortune

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Weekly TarotScope and Astrology February 8 to 14, 2021

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It’s definitely time for a change. Perhaps it’s time to finish something that has been challenging and difficult, or purge something out of your life, and look toward a more positive outlook for the future.

Though this deck indicates an individual in Judgment, and judging oneself, other decks show many people waking up to a new reality together. Though judgment can certainly be harsh, the Judgment card is really about honesty and getting to the truth of reality.

We could also hear some big news, and lot of information this week that signfiicantly changes opinions. The larger truth of the world could become more evident and wake people up this week.

Considerations of judgment and accountability could stand out this week. We could have breakthroughs of awareness this week that leads to great transformation, and in some cases could be a revolutionary change, like a rebirth. If you’re ready to make a personal change, this week is indicated as a good time to do it.

If you can assess what has been, honestly, you can put something negative from the past and move on toward something better for a fresh start. With Mercury Retrograde now it’s a good time to look back and reflect on what was so you can figure out how to make better decisions when you’re ready to move forward.

This is a good time to expand your awareness by looking objectively how decisions are creating reality. A new vision for the future will reveal itself. Keep an eye out for clues that point to your luckiest choice. Endings open the door to new beginnings.

These cards are indicating a focus on Pluto and Jupiter this week especially. Something you need to purge and get rid of so you can focus on a better future is recommended.

In the larger picture, we can expect a lot of major opinions and points of view to come out in the open this week. We could certainly see a lot of information and big news that comes out about politics, finance and the justice system this week which can change the trajectory of the future. How it all affects the future is up for debate, and depends on how you look at it.


NEW Weekly Astrology Updates for February 8 to 14, 2021

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius connects with The Sun, The Destiny Point, Venus and Jupiter this week, and also is in difficult aspect to Mars in Taurus. In the big picture, we can expect big news and changes of perception this week due to new and different information being revealed. Talk of cybersecurity and related issues with the tech industry is sure to be an area of discovery now. What people learn this week will

Venus meets Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter this week in Aquarius. We can expect shifts of perspective in money and the economy to be in focus this week. Big expectations and hope for change implores us to consider what we really want for the future.

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, 2021 at 2:07 pm ET. This brings even more attention to Aquarius now. It’s a great time for a new beginning and plant the seeds necessary for growth for the future. With Mercury Retrograde during this New Moon you could feel like it’s a slow start and you’re not sure about the details. Expect many clues to show up this week, especially when you’re meditating or reflecting on possibilities. Though confusion is likely, a hopeful attitude is the right approach now.

Mercury Retrograde conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius on February 14, 2021 at 4:44 pm ET. Information that comes out this week could be pretty big, eye opening and revelatory. Big announcements and a big media frenzy is possible. This can especially bring attention to big tech, social media, legal matters and cybersecurity matters. Mercury will meet with Jupiter again in Aquarius on March 4, 2021 so what happens now can be connected to a larger trend over the next few weeks.

*Now here is a very interesting find – Speaking of Legal Matters, Big Tech and Social Media. This announcement is precisely fitting for the times.

I also talk more about Mercury Retrograde in the Monthly Astrology Overview for February 2021.


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