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Weekly TarotScope and Astrology for February 15 to 21, 2021

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It’s time to take control over your mind and emotions. Where your thoughts go, feelings follow.

The mind is a powerful thing and it controls a lot of our real world experiences. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure from what other people think and want that impacts our personal lives. Now is the time to look at what thoughts and ideas have been dominating the mind, and consider how much personal power you have to think for yourself. Have you been the author of how life’s story is unfolding, or has someone or something else been making most of the decisions that matter?

Here we see the importance of starting fresh by prioritizing joy and emotional satisfaction to make better decisions and deal with what’s happening in life.

The mind is complicated, and decisions are not easy, especially when Mercury is Retrograde. As we consider going forward with a different perspective later in the week, it will be a time to consider how to heal and bring things back into order.

Relationships that have a lot of disagreements due to differences of opinion on facts and information, can best be resolved by making emotional connections priority now.

It’s easy to be critical of others, but if things are to get better it’s best to consider how to resolve real world problems and achieve best results with practical decisions that are in line with a balance of intelligence and positive emotions.

Decisions by those in authority this week could lead to a shift in feelings about money matters, which in turn can lead to a reorganization of personal financial priorities.


NEW Weekly Astrology Updates for February 15 to 21, 2021

Saturn in Aquarius is in difficult aspect to Uranus in Taurus on February 17, 2021 at 2:08 pm ET. Earth and Air are not compatible, and these planets are at odds. A rebellious response to control is highlighted. When Saturn first entered Aquarius back in March 2020 is when social distancing started which made a whole lot of sense since Aquarius is associated with socializing and Saturn is restrictions. Uranus wants freedom, especially freedom of one’s own mind, so we can see the conflict here where authority figures (Saturn) consistently put pressure, including using peer pressure, to put limits on people’s freedoms. Of course all the censorship happening these days is a prime example of Saturn putting limitations on the social tech oriented Aquarius. We could see examples of conflicting ideas on rules by those in power around money and people’s sense of financial security.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, 2021 at 5:43 am ET. Happy Birthday month ahead to all Pisces! The Sun now enters the most spiritual sign of the zodiac. Watery emotions come into focus. This would be a great time to get in touch with that philosophical and spiritual side of yourself to see the light in life. It’s a great time to dream and imagine things beyond the material world and consider the possibility of other dimension to reality that often go ignored in daily life.

Venus in Aquarius will be in difficult position to Mars in Taurus on February 19, 2021 at 6:03 pm ET. Tension in relationships are possible, especially if there are financial problems creating issues that affect your sense of security. If you have differences of opinion and are on a different wave-lenght in your relationships it can certainly create some wedges this week, but love can disarm, and everyone knows that when tensions flare in romantic relationships, it can also then lead to passionate make-ups. We could generally see some interesting, perhaps aggressive financial moves this week and perhaps online, cybersecurity issues in banking.

Mercury stations Direct in Aquarius on February 20, 2021 at 7:53 pm ET. After about 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde, now the tables turn and our thoughts about what to do about our future should start to become clearer. Learning from mistakes can make your next decisions much smarter. Read more about Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius here.


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