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Venus in Pisces February 25, 2021

Venus enters Pisces on February 25, 2021 at 8:11 am ET.

Venus is in Pisces until March 21, 2021 at 10:15 am ET.

Venus will meet Neptune in Pisces on March 13, 2021 at 11:07 pm ET. Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, so we can expect an extra dose of love and compassion of a spiritual nature to be enhanced.

We can expect heart centered revelations and wisdom to arise like clouds while Venus is in Pisces. Keep karma in mind. Love enhances your evolution.

With Venus in Pisces, the suffering of people and animals can open your heart to experience new heights of love and compassion. Venus in Pisces is also associated with the love of ancestors and love of those who have passed on. Considerations from the heart about the afterlife are indicated.

Venus is about desires, and wants in the material world, and what we appreciate with our senses, while Pisces is higher consciousness, wisdom and spirituality. A love of spiritual concepts, divinity and philosophical ideas is heightened now. A magical, mystical, metaphysical perspective signifies an increased interest in the law of attraction to draw what we want into our lives.

Venus in oceanic, watery Pisces is an enhanced placement of the archetypal feminine. Venus in Pisces symbolizes a more sensitive, passive, dreamy, romantic, affectionate quality.

Venus is The Goddess of Love. In Pisces, Venus reminds us that if you have had blockages in your romantic life this could be the time you are ready to surrender and sacrifice your ego in favor of love.

Venus in Pisces signifies sentimental, emotional, romantic and spiritual bonds in relationships. But, where there is a lack of clarity and insecurity in romantic relationships, or secrets are suspected, jealousy can arise with Venus in Pisces. Shyness is also likely with Venus in Pisces, so if you are in love with someone but you are keeping it a secret this could be an emotionally interesting time for you. With the more passive quality of Venus in Pisces, getting up the nerve to make the first move is decreased.

Those dealing with emotional issues could find drugs and alcohol are all too easy to dive into at this time, with little resistance to flowing deep into their feelings. Do be careful if you are looking for love, as alcohol could decrease your inhibitions leading to romantic encounters you may regret later.

As emotions are heightened for sensitive types, there can be a tendency to want to help those in need. Those that need help including emotionally and financially can feel the intensity of emotions increased significantly here.

However, this can also mean that those that are kind, compassionate, sympathetic and generous, could be taken advantage of by manipulative, selfish types that don’t prioritize a higher, more conscious way of living. It is all too easy to put your guard down and to be too passive and trusting when Venus is in Pisces, especially if your heart is aflutter. A lack of clarity, and emotional sentiments can lead to naivety.

This is positively a great placement for artists and creative types to dream and imagine the most beautiful, spiritually inspired visions. Harmonious, peaceful, gentle aesthetics and music are more appealing now. An attraction to a more aquatic, and surreal fashion sense is likely with flowing, rippling materials in blues, corals and turquoise colors tuning you into the times. Flowing art like watercolor is suggested for creative types.

This is also good time to get a massage, aromatherapy or reiki treatment to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Awakening spiritual love for yourself and others by working with your heart chakra is well suited to Venus in Pisces.

Giving beautiful flowers for personal emotional sentiments are highly recommended to signify your feelings to another. Receiving flowers feels magical.

As Venus is exalted in Pisces, the positive qualities of Venus and Pisces are most likely to be enhanced and experienced now.

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