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Mars in Gemini March 3, 2021

Mars enters Gemini on March 3, 2021 at 10:29 pm ET.

Mars meets with the Destiny Point in Gemini on March 26, 2021 at 11:33 am ET indicating thoughts, words and actions can be especially pivotal to our future around this time.

Mars is in Gemini until April 23, 2021 at 7:48 am ET.

I talk more about Mars in Gemini in this new video for March 2021…

Mental faculties are stimulated with Mars in Gemini. Thoughts and words can come out quickly, abruptly and sometimes forcefully. If you’ve got something to say, this could be the time to finally have the nerve to say it. But, do be careful as others can be just as quick to respond strongly with their own point of view.

As confidence and self assertion are associated with Mars in Gemini, exercise and taking care of your body is important to support a strong and balanced mind. This can be a good time to start a new exercise routine.

People can be easily excitable and enthusiastic with Mars in Gemini, inspiring motivation and encouragement to do what is most immediately appealing. This is a good time to think about what gets you excited about life. However, do be aware that temptations to make rushed decisions can get the best of you.

The extra enthusiasm can lead to difficulties sleeping at night though, with an active, chattering mind. Those that generally have an anxious mind may need to put in extra effort to learn how to calm and quiet down rapid thinking processes. As mentioned, exercise and physical activities can help give you a healthy mind-body balance by dissipating a lot of that pent up energy. Yin yoga could be the balancing antidote to calm down extra yang.

Those that are strong willed could take charge of situations that need attention, but aggressive, dominating personalities with big egos can also be well over the top. Watch out for irritability and short tempers that can turn into events like road rage or roid rage. It is smart to take a step back from those that demonstrate they have a short fuses.

Sexuality can be on people’s minds more than usual and strong libido’s can lead to physical encounters. This isn’t the best placement for those that are more interested in acquiring romantically involved emotional partnerships, as this is more about immediate attempts of gratification and more superficial relationships like one night stands. But, those that are already in committed relationships could find this time to be more exciting and fun than usual.

Be extra attentive to machinery and tools, especially protecting your arms and hands to avoid mishaps.

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