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NEW Mercury in Pisces March 15, 2021

Mercury enters Pisces on March 15, 2021 at 6:25 pm ET

Mercury will be in Pisces for a short time, only until April 3, 2021.

This is a good time to get your mind in line with your spirituality. Reading more books and articles on spiritual and philosophical topics is highly recommended to help center yourself before Mercury Retrograde arrives.

Intuition, imagination and creativity are usually quite heightened with Mercury in Pisces. This is a great time to write poetry, listen to music like binaural beats and explore realms of consciousness with visualization and meditation practices.

In the realm of Pisces, logical thinking could be more cloudy and unfocused than usual, and forgetfulness could be more frequent. So, when you have any creative and brilliant ideas floating around in your mind, it would be wise to capture them immediately by writing them down, or else they are likely to pass by like clouds.

The mind under the influence of drugs and alcohol inebriation is exemplary of this placement. Those with addictions may find this is a time to acknowledge how the addiction is influencing your life. As Pisces is an emotional sign, if you find yourself to lack emotional connection to others, that’s a strong sign that your addictions may have made you numb. In such cases, Mercury in Pisces can remind us to practice healing the mind and getting back in touch with ourselves on a soul level.

Spiritual practices like Yoga and Tai Chi are suggested as part of waking yourself up to a more enlightening approach to life.

In relationships, a more sympathetic approach to others is recommended when Mercury is in Pisces. A meeting of minds with empathy and sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of others is suggested. Compassionate, kinder interactions will be good for your karma.

Shyness, internalized thinking patterns and an introverted perspective is likely to be enhanced when Mercury is in Pisces as well. This time signifies turning to prayer and connection with a higher wisdom, abstract philosophical thinking and religious, spiritual thought.

An interest in learning more about secret wisdom and the wonders of life’s mysterious, ancient cultural beliefs, ancestry, life after death, karma and magical, esoteric perspectives of existence is indicated with Mercury in Pisces. It’s a great time to look up at the stars and contemplate the meaning of your life.

Pisces is also about sacrifices, self sacrifice and martyrdom where giving of the self, rising above the ego-self to benefit another is symbolized.

Thinking about relatives and ancestors that have passed away is common with Mercury in Pisces.

Spending time near bodies of water, especially the ocean, can help clear and balance your mind. A walk on the beach would be ideal.

Many secrets could come out in the open while Mercury is in Pisces.

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