Weekly TarotScope March 29 to April 4, 2021

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I thought it was really interesting to see the Hanged Man along with the image of the boat in the stream on the Death card from last weeks TarotScope, followed by the watery moon of the High Priestess just in time for the Full Moon in Libra. Perhaps there is a bigger deal, something hidden in those containers on the ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

Now, this week there is something new to be considered. With spring fresh in the air, this is a starting point with an awareness of a new beginning.

The King of Cups reminds us to be more in tune with what we are creating and also has a protective and preserving quality.

In whatever you do, there is the opportunity of creating something new that can be appreciated.

We are reminded of the power of observation to increase awareness this week. Expect news to arrive that makes you feel different. Perhaps you hadn’t considered something and now you’re ready and able to see it in a new way.

Watch the water, in all its symbolic interpretations.

We could also hear of medical related news which should be considered thoroughly and carefully.

Observing those in positions of authority with closer inspection and scrutiny is advised, especially on new initiatives.

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