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Page of Cups, The Tower, Temperance. Rider Waite Smith Tarot.

Sometimes we get news or hear a message that stirs our emotions, causes reactions and really has an impact on how we feel. The way we think and feel can change in an instant when new information or new circumstances arise. Sometimes it’s a key moment of awareness, and at other time it can be a bit of a shock to the system.

Sometimes external circumstances can create drastic or dramatic changes that we have to work on fixing to bring back equilibrium.

Whatever is going on in your life right now for you personally, this is a reminder that to really assess a situation and make sense of what is happening, we need to take a step back and observe, assess and analyze to see things from a higher perspective.

If you are working on a plan, a project, a recipe, or if you’re taking therapy in an attempt to feel better, it would be highly recommended that you do more research so you really know what the effects and outcome will be. If you go into something blindly, on a whim, it could not turn out the way you want it to, so to remedy and minimize a negative outcome, you would be wise to do some research.

Superficial information is often not enough, and can sometimes lead to a situation we don’t want or have to work out way out of to fix. Sometimes you need to do more probing from different perspectives so you get a more well rounded, informed point of view before going ahead.

Changes that are happening now are prompting you to expand your point of view so you can address them from a more calm, rational and enlightened perspective.

It could be an external event, but it could also simply be the opinion of someone else that gets to you. In such cases, when your emotions take a sudden hit, with self-composure you will gain wisdom and be able to bring your feelings back to calmer order.

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