Back in late September I was using The Zombie Tarot for the October 2020 Monthly TarotScopes. Out of curiosity, and considering everything that has been going on this past year, I decided to ask about Ch*n’s role in all things associated with the V-situation. I just thought I’d share… Here is what came up. 

What About Ch*’s Role In All That’s Going On? 

Well isn’t that an interesting and fitting interpretation for this question?

And as usual, the tarot pulled up the most coincidental, fitting, synchronistic cards. The imagery of these cards speak for themselves.

With ongoing developments in world affairs, I still keep remembering this spread.

And to think, with Pluto in Capricorn reaching a tipping point, signifying destruction and transformation of political society, and so many signs pointing to tyrannical domination worldwide with such megalomaniac forces in power.

And now just in time for Mercury Retrograde in Gemini information has finally been revealed about the V being made in a biolab in Ch and Fauci involved with funding the research into gain of function. It’s about time, I’ve been waiting for the truth to come out about this for over a year!

This is the first time I have seen a deck show The World card as being on fire / being destroyed. I thought it was quite the coincidence for such imagery to come up for this particular question. Of course this deck being Zombie themed has quite the catastrophic artwork, but that’s pretty fitting for the times. And these being all Major Arcana cards it points to this being a big deal.

Also, I thought it was interesting for 2021 to look at the final two cards in the Major Arcana:

Card 20 Judgment and Card 21 The World.

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