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Weekly Astrology Horoscope August 30 to September 5, 2021 – Zodiac Signs

Every Monday! Your Weekly Astrology Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign is interpreted based on astrology happening this week. Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

Aries: Being honest with people in your relationships can help strengthen bonds this week. You could also find yourself to be more irritable this week when faced with deception or misinformation, especially about things that affect your lifestyle. Work and health are areas of tension where proper actions and choices are extra necessary. Your decisions about career matters should be smart and calculated for best results. It is also wise for you to consider what goals you want to get rid of so you can focus time and energy on the right things.

Taurus: A lack of real truth, harmony and justice in the political and business realm around the world can really not sit right with you these days, especially decisions that can influence your everyday lifestyle. Be careful of heavy conversations with people associated with career matters. Later in the week you are likely to hear of some news that changes your world view and what you believe about where the future is headed.

Gemini: You will benefit from being more mindful of your biases when dealing with relationships now. People often want to be right, but what really matters is the truth. Getting a hobby, tapping into your creativity or using your talents for words is recommended this week. Learning of a truth or admitting a personal truth can create a pivotal change for your future. Prioritizing honesty means sometimes you have to admit when you were wrong.


Cancer: This week could start off with a smart idea worth thinking more about. If you share your ideas be sure it is with those you trust. Sometimes it’s better to keep your thoughts to yourself as your opinions on what you want to do with those ideas could quickly change. Weighing your options and tapping into your intuition before making decisions is recommended this week. Family relationships could have issues later in the week particularly over political or financial matters, and goals.

Leo: Money would be well spent on health related matters this week, particularly natural health products that are preventative. Taking care of your practical needs is highlighted now, which can also include putting effort toward increasing your financial income, or finding better ways to utilize your time while working. Social interactions this week could lead to associating with a new person or group of people heading forward.

Virgo: It’s a good week to work out to feel stronger and more empowered in yourself. Enjoying some sunshine for an extra dose of vitamin D is indicated. Communications at work can be pivotal this week. Conversations about how to find balance in your career lifestyle is especially suggested. Make sure those you interact with are the type you are really interested in connecting with for best results. Gravitating toward the more honest and caring types of personalities will have you feeling more assured.


Libra: Self love and self worth are priorities for you with Venus in your sign. Mercury now fresh in your sign reminds you to think more positively and lovingly about yourself to feel more confident and balanced each day. Conversations this week can change your perspective on the world significantly giving you a new view on the future. Talking about positive possibilities will help give you ideas worth moving toward.

Scorpio: You could have tension in your social groups and with the people you associate with this week. Any stressful interactions could actually bring a silver lining by waking you up to realizing truths you wouldn’t have otherwise. The topic of health and political issues particularly can bring a lot of tension, but it is imperative to have an open mind and to shine a light on the things you don’t know enough about to make a proper, balanced judgment call.

Sagittarius: The types of people you associate with are in focus this week. Having a positive relationship requires compromise and understanding the other person’s point of view. If you want your relationships to become more positive you’ll need to be more attentive to the little things that others appreciate. In romantic relationships, nice gestures, and positive words can lead to happy memories.


Capricorn: You would do well to stop thinking about how out of balance money and career matters are and instead think more about how to fix those issues and finding solutions. Getting rid of and purging negative relationships and influences is recommended now. If you have recurring negative thoughts about people, it’s time to turn those around so you can find better harmony in yourself and instead associate with those that are good for you.

Aquarius: Facing your personal inhibitions and the internal issues that hold you back can lead to some profound coincidences for you this week that you’ll notice in your relationships with others. Focusing on finding balance by having fun is good for you. Trying out a new hobby, or connecting with a new friendship can help you break down barriers inside yourself and feel happier.

Pisces: Aggressive actions taken by others can really not sit right with you this week. Your relationship to the health sector can also feel off this week, especially where there is too much forcefulness that intuitively doesn’t feel right to you. In any situation you encounter this week in relation to others, you are sure to learn a lot about the hidden motivations of others so you can make better decisions for yourself, especially about your own health and well being going forward.

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Mercury enters Libra August 30, 2021 1:09 am ET. More people will have truth and justice on their mind all month in September with Mercury now in Libra. Talking more about truth and considering what is imbalanced in life and the world is assured. Biases will become much more obvious as people choose to lean one way or the other. Logic and common sense is necessary to find solutions. Mindfulness and awareness are key to finding balance. The importance of truth and justice is to be top priority in our world and in all our relationships. Communications and information needs to be dealt with logically and honestly so we can get to the place of true balance and justice.

Venus is also in Libra now. With Mercury getting closer to Venus reminding us of love in our relationships, it’s a good time to talk about things that help you get closer to those you care about. Sending loving messages to the one you love can strengthen bonds.

***I will be posting More details on what’s happening in astrology – published each day this week!