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Weekly Astrology Horoscope September 6 to 12, 2021 – Zodiac Signs. New Moon in Virgo September 6, 2021

The Weekly Astrology Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign is designed to give you a more personal perspective for the week ahead.

This week starts off with a New Moon in Virgo September 6, 2021 at 8:50 pm ET. Since Virgo is a worrier and Mars is also in Virgo now, this can indicate a potentially higher level of stress, anxiety and tension for a lot of people that needs to be addressed. Virgo also rules our health, so this is especially an important time to start new self care practices to reduce your stress and decrease anxiety levels. The Moon in Virgo along with Mars in Virgo emphasizes protective and defensive qualities. Natural, earthy practices like yoga, massage, using natural essential oils, eating organic foods, learning more about natural supplements, and spending time in nature and connecting with the earth is highly recommended now to get back in touch with nature and well being.

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Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

Aries: The New Moon in Virgo starts the week encouraging a fresh start on taking care of practical matters and getting yourself organized and on schedule to achieve new goals. New self care practices and healthy routines are recommended to use your energy toward improved wellness. You would also benefit from cleaning up, sorting out and getting rid of cluttered and messy issues related to your career.

Taurus: Finding new ways to take care of your well being and to create a healthier lifestyle and routine is suggested this week. Positive relationships are important to you now, so expanding on those that you know are best is worthwhile. Spending more time in the sun this week can help you find wisdom and clarity about your life and your identity. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th which can have you feeling more intensely about love, sensuality and sexuality.

Gemini: New beginnings in your family and home life are worth developing this week. Cleaning and organizing can help you feel renewed and refreshed. Scheduling in some time for self care and care for those you love is recommended. Nutrition and vitamins for health and wellness can bring positive developments. A healthy, balanced perspective on accepting the identities of others can make your life feel better.


Cancer: The New Moon in Virgo starts the week for a new beginning. Discussing health matters and taking action toward new self care routines is suggested. You are likely to learn a lot this week by having an open mind and listening to a lot of different perspectives. A growing interest in personal freedom will help you think outside the box.

Leo: The Sun and Moon connect in Virgo to start the week. More attention to improving awareness of your health is suggested. Thinking in new, innovative ways about your career, financial growth and financial security can give you more confidence going forward. It’s a good time for you to organize your paperwork, your pantry and storing supplies.

Virgo: You have a New Moon in your sign to start the week for a fresh start. You could feel more emotional about what you want heading forward, prompting you to get more serious and to take action toward personal goals. Starting a new hobby and cleaning up your habits is suggested. Discussions about your real feelings in relationships can give you a new perspective on your identity and help you understand others better.


Libra: Positive relations with friends can warm your heart this week and help you feel more loved. The New Moon is great for a fresh start, and creating a new lifestyle routine is suggested. For you, it’s a combination of practical and spiritual, so you might like to create a regular practice of meditation or yoga to improve your well being while also encouraging you to have a more philosophical frame of mind.

Scorpio: You could be a strong, smart force this week in your social circle. Your actions can lead the way and be the example. The New Moon in Virgo starts the week as well indicating health is an especially strong area of interest. At the end of the week Venus enters your sign on the 10th making love in your life more of a core priority. Prioritizing self worth and self care is recommended for you going forward. Making yourself feel more attractive and taken care of can give you a healthy emotional boost.

Sagittarius: The New Moon in Virgo starts the week encouraging a fresh start. A new routine and a more organized approach to to your career, your schedule, and your health and lifestyle is recommended. Relationships and love are especially important for you this week. It could be romantic, but also the love you have in your friendships is highlighted now. You could also keep a healthy balance with neighbors and acquaintances when your heart and mind are open. Truth, justice and harmony help create a better future.


Capricorn: We have a New Moon in your fellow earth sign Virgo on Monday. You could feel an extra dose of energy and motivation as the week begins. If you find your anxiety levels are increased this week, it’s an auspicious time to get exercising and taking care of your health in natural ways to improve your well being and transform your energy. It’s a good time for you to purge unhealthy habits, and replace them with those that give you strength and self empowerment.

Aquarius: Creating greater love, truth and balance in your relationships and with yourself can positively influence your future. You could also have some big epiphanies this week, especially about health and well being. The New Moon in Virgo encourages you to do more research and really get to the bottom of knowing more facts and information that are actually true, especially where it comes to your body and your personal safety. Creating a new, healthy, natural lifestyle routine is highly recommended.

Pisces: Having loving thoughts and loving relationships can bring your heart into a more spiritual place this week that reaches deep inside of you uncovering a profound truth. Starting a new healthy routine that gives you a better connection to the earth to feel more grounded is recommended this week.

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