Relationships are in need of unification these day as identity politics is dividing people everywhere. We are bombarded by information that is filtered through layers of biases that can lead to much judgment and division from one another.

Mercury in Libra along with Venus in Libra now too, reminds us that communicating with each other from a loving, caring, understanding place is essential to healing ourselves, each other and the world.

Truth needs to be the core value that brings relationships into balance now. Being real and authentic in your relationships will show you where love stands. Today we are reminded to value one another, to seek harmony and allow love to be our guide. The right words when they truly come from the heart can heal the mind of its deepest wounds.

No matter how many layers of disguises someone wears to hide and disassociate from their pain, anger and frustration with life, the heart and mind can peel them away to see the truth that deep down, what people really want is to be loved, happy and free.

Mercury in Libra is opposite Chiron in Aries on September 8, 2021 12:30 am ET.

There are no major aspects on September 7th or 9th. Your Next NEW Daily Astrology Horoscope is on September 10, 2021.