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Weekly Astrology Horoscopes September 13 to 19, 2021 – Zodiac Signs

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Aries: Finalizing any details in getting your health and lifestyle routines in order is recommended for the first few days of this week. On the 16th onward your relationships become more important to you. Efforts to make love, peace and harmony your priorities are recommended going forward. Any biased people you encounter will only strengthen your resolve to figure out the real truth. You will relate best with those that are truly honest.

Taurus: Putting extra energy toward a healthy lifestyle will help you feel more psychologically balanced. You can easily see through hidden agendas, secrets and deceptions now and heavy-handed, non-sensical rules in society by those in position of authority will not jive well with you this week. Limitations like censorship online, and rules and restrictions from social interactions could get on your nerves. Stepping away for me-time to relieve stress is recommended. Partnerships can give you ideas on making money, saving money and even reducing debt and taxes.

Gemini: Finding a healthy balance between having fun, domestic tasks and efforts toward your bigger goals is necessary for you this week. Confusion about what you think you should be doing can sometimes feel daunting, but if you can give yourself a break and find pleasure in your processes instead of getting lost in life’s unknowns, your mind will be more at ease. Getting rid of goals that aren’t really accomplishing what you want can free up your time so you can feel lighter.


Cancer: Releasing yourself from toxic relationships that make you feel insecure, and focusing on improving your health and well being is indicated this week. Restrictions and limitations in your relationships are a prompt for you to figure out new ways to connect with people that are more attuned to your wave-length.

Leo: You could feel especially confused this week and not feel so secure, especially where there are conflicts of facts with information that is subjective and wishy-washy. Purging yourself of negativity, can help improve your well being and make you feel lighter. A health cleanse is worth considering.

Virgo: Your smarts could bring much wisdom to others and shed light on issues that others have difficulty grasping. Those that are confused could look to you for facts and information that make sense. A change in your hobbies and routines can enlighten you and give you a different perspective on how to spend your time best. Time is the most important asset you’ve got to work with.


Libra: It’s not wise to be lending money to people in your social circle now as promises of returns on time are likely to fall through. Romantic situations should be met with caution. False accusations are possible. Avoid sharing secrets and personal data online.

Scorpio: Practices like yoga can help you feel more balanced and wise this week. Family issues can arise this week that brings up questions about love and authority. Rules, restrictions and demands could seem unreasonable. If you can prioritize love above force, home and family life can improve. Getting away from negative relationships can make you feel lighter.

Sagittarius: Self-care early in the week helps you feel better. Getting rid of and saying no to additional debts and expenses could help you feel more secure. Disagreements about the rules of social norms with neighbors and siblings can prompt you to connect with people that are more open minded. The end of the week invites you to have a more philosophical view of family and home life.


Capricorn: A new, healthy, daily routine is recommended for you this week. Purging yourself of any unhealthy habits will help you feel cleansed and refreshed in a new light. Connecting with friends online might not turn out as expected. Disagreements about social rules and restrictions could put a wedge between the love you want.

Aquarius: Feeling concerned about your reputation and how loved you are can have you looking deeper into your psyche. Self-confidence can sometimes be an issue these days with Saturn Retrograde in your sign. Romance, sexuality and attractiveness are subjects that can dominate your self perception this week. Thinking more about your higher purpose and aims in life can help you feel better about yourself.

Pisces: Though you are known for a more esoteric and philosophical qualities, sometimes facts and figures are necessary for you to also get powerful glimpses into reality. This week it’s smart for you to listen to details and ask probing questions in your relationships. Learning more about natural health alternatives is recommended. It’s also wise for you to let go of social circumstances this week that don’t suit you so you can feel lighter and brighter.



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