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Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 27 to October 18, 2021

Mercury officially stations Retrograde in Libra on September 27, 2021 at 1:11 am ET and will be Retrograde until October 18, 2021 at 11:17 am ET.

We can expect backtracking of decisions during this period. Libra reminds us that choices are what manifests our reality, personally and collectively. We CAN change the direction we are heading by choosing differently.

Mercury Retrograde brings out the Trickster motif so it’s very wise to be extra conscious and cautious of tricks with words during this period. We can expect to see a lot of Reversals of words, concepts and ideas while Mercury is Retrograde in Libra.

Libra oriented subjects of Law, Justice, Bias and Truth will be emphasized now. Mercury Retrograde in Libra will have everyone having a more probing look at how these subjects need to be addressed.

This is an important time to have another look, a double take on how truth, law and justice is being handled in our society. From observation, it certainly looks like law and justice have taken a back seat, with so much going on, so much corruption yet nobody in positions of authority are ever held accountable for anything. The biggest recourse anyone in positions of authority ever seem to get these days is an opportunity to resign, but never have any real legal action taken against them for corruption or crimes the perpetrate whatsoever.

This has a lot of people asking, what exactly is really going on? Is there no real justice? Has law and justice died? Does justice even exist for those in high positions of power at all? Do the rules of law even apply to the rich and powerful or is it only applied to the rest of society? Where is the real accountability? These are serious questions because what’s going on in the world is very serious and in order for truth, balance and harmony to be restored, justice has to be taken seriously.

It really does seem that there is an imbalance of massive proportions where the little people have to deal with all the rules, while those in high positions can do anything they want and NEVER be held truly accountable in a court of law. How is this possible if justice is supposed to be applied to all equally?

This also brings up considerations like, what is our relationship to those in positions of authority? Are we living in a world where there are different rules for different people according to one’s level in the hierarchy of society?

During this Mercury Retrograde period we are likely to see a lot more inquiry into how the justice system operates and get more clues about the imbalances in the system. We could see a real call for the justice system to be investigated and looked at much more seriously.

As Mercury begins to station Retrograde in Libra, he will be in close connection to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aquarius signifying the political, financial, social and technological issues in society will be emphasized.

Mars and the Sun will also be in Libra during this period signifying greater potential for aggressive information battles as people fight for truth and justice which will bring a lot of awareness.

On September 27th, as the day progresses the Moon in Gemini will connect with Mercury Retrograde further indicating that information exchanges and communications will be further emphasized as this period begins. People will be rethinking their relationships with their neighbors, siblings, acquaintances and random encounters with strangers.


While Mercury is Retrograde in Libra, we can expect people to be reconsidering what they really want for the future. During this period we can expect a lot of focus on the desire for truth, justice and freedom. Of course, on the scales of justice we can expect a lot of lies and hypocrisy to wade through which can prompt us to seek Libra’s balance with a stronger desire in figuring out what the truth really is.

Libra is largely about relationships and how we relate to one another. Mercury Retrograde in Libra reminds us to look at what’s not working in our relationships and rethinking how to find solutions to fix the issues, and in most cases it is communications that needs to be addressed in relationships. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working out these days, communications and trust issues that are a problem should be looked at and may start to get resolved after Mercury goes direct on October 18th.

Considering how thoughts, words and beliefs influence our lives, it’s also crucial to acknowledge how strongly political leaders, media and social media influences our mindsets collectively, contributing greatly to the experience we all have in the world. Libra is concerned with weighing information to find the truth which of course naturally brings us to consider how bias operates in the world and molds our beliefs about reality. Information is like magic because thoughts and decisions lead to how our lives unfold and what we manifest in the world, so we need to be aware of how information is used (emphasized, manipulated, organized, ommited, dismissed, censored, etc.) to create perceptions of reality. Mercury Retrograde in Libra reminds us that it is important to consider truths and untruths in the information we are exposed to and to look at more than one side of an issue.

With Mercury Retrograde we can also expect more mixed messages than usual during this period and a lot of people getting frustrated by what is hidden. Mercury Retrograde is like the sleuth that wants to uncover what is hidden to get to the true information, and in Libra we are reminded that true information is required for justice to prevail.

A lot of people are divided these days on many issues, and so Mercury Retrograde in Libra asks us to consider how to reconnect and rebalance by being more fair, honest and diplomatic in how we communicate and interact with other people to improve our relationships.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra reminds us to rethink our views, and how changing our thoughts, words, ideas, perceptions can make our lives and the world better.

This will also be a significant time to be sure to read the fine print if you have to sign papers. Ask plenty of questions to ensure all is honest and true before going ahead with any agreements. Mercury Retrograde can be tricky, so waiting until after Mercury is finished Retrograde is often advised before making final decisions.


Libra is an air sign and Mercury is also associated to the air element and so this bring extra emphasis to communications, thoughts, words and information. Libra is largely about the mind, making decisions and weighing our options, looking at pros and cons, positives and negatives to come to a balanced, fair, honest, diplomatic perspective.

Libra is symbolically represented by the scales of justice and is often represented by Lady Justice holding the scales, with a sword and a blindfold – symbolic of information we do and don’t know which shapes what we think, know and believe to be true. The scales symbolize where we find the balance between right and wrong, good and evil and brings attention to moral and ethical behavior.

As Libra brings special attention to finding balance and equilibrium in our relationships, Mercury Retrograde in Libra asks us to rethink and reconsider what we want, how we relate to people, and the changes that need to be made in our perceptions and our communications with others to help bring more harmony to our lives.

As mentioned, Mercury Retrograde in Libra brings even more attention to information, misinformation and disinformation. This implores us to reconsider truth, justice and fairness between ourselves and others in our relationships, including how information influences our relationships.

As Libra is symbolized by the scales and weighs the balance of information and what is on our minds, and Mercury Retrograde emphasizes the potential for misinformation and deception, this period will bring much attention to how biases are not based in objective truth, but based on intentionally subjective and misleading perceptions.

Considering biased information, of course the media has a huge influence on what millions of people think and believe. Repeating information, whether it is true or not is an effective way to convince people’s minds something is true, even if it’s not. Repitition is a powerful way to influence the mind, hence why it is a tactic often used in marketing. Mercury Retrograde is the Trickster, so we are likely to see manipulation of words to be commonplace during this period. Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it to be true.

With Mercury Retrograde in Libra we are likely to see the issues of bias and censorship in the media and social media emphasized even more. Imbalances, contradictions and ethical standards in reporting information and journalism in news and media is likely to be under further scrutiny during this period.

We know that bias is not about the truth. It is a one-sided trick of automatically dismissing one side of an issue in favor of another, tipping the weight of the scale toward only one side. Bias is an inherently selfish perspective and is based in the need for the ego to be right (even if it has to lie to do so). Bias is about blaming something other than the self, always deflecting away from the self, never taking responsibility for one’s own contribution to the issue, and making the self look righteous. But Libra is not about prioritizing the self and the ego. Libra is about mutual respect, harmony and consideration for something other than just yourself. Libra is about truth and justice, so naturally with Mercury Retrograde in Libra we are going to see a lot of examples about how biased information is causing serious imbalances in our lives and our relationships to other people.

Obviously, nature prefers balance and so when sudden, extreme perspectives and lies make the pendulum swing far one way, it is inevitable the pendulum will also swing far the other way seeking truth. We see this playing out in the world now, and sensible people know that balance is found in the center by looking equally at both sides to make a fair judgement.


In terms of our relationships there is no doubt that we are in complicated times. People are disagreeing about almost everything – whether it is our relationships to family, friends, strangers, coworkers, business alliances, bosses, politicians, oligarchs… things are complicated. Obviously, a lot of people are getting very hung up on political talking points these days, causing many divisions.

Libra reminds us that truth brings harmony. Lies only make life more complicated and out of balance. Chaos in the media is a great example reminding us that the conflicting stories not based on truth, but based on a biased perspective are breeding grounds for disagreements. Lies, hypocrisy, deceit are no way to bring peace, they are at the roots of wars. When people are vying for power, it is always freedom of information that is the first casualty.

Lies always guarantee people will disagree and thus argue. For evidence we can just look at how many relationships have been destroyed by the convoluted information presented by the information wars presented by politics and media. Conflicting information only confuses everyone so nobody knows what’s true or not. Instead people are choosing to believe something is true if that’s what they want to be true.

So as we rethink all that is going on in the world now, and in our lives, it is wise for us to look at how we are changing and what we want to change through the lens of what is right, true, and just. Can we turn things around and prioritize making life more positive, harmonious and honest? How would the world change if the lies, hypocrisy and negativity that is being presented to us through the main manners of communications these days (the media and social media) stopped creating chaos? What would the world and our relationships look like if truth and honesty were really the priority?

Libra is also associated to morals and ethics, and with Mercury Retrograde in Libra it’s time to have another look at and a rethink of ethics violations by those in powerful positions.

The New Moon in Libra on October 6, 2021 will connect with the Sun, Mars and then Mercury Retrograde making this a significant day of change in awareness. We could see more people fighting for truth and justice and battling against misinformation.

More on this in the weeks ahead…