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Weekly Astrology Horoscope September 20 to 26, 2021 Full Moon in Pisces Autumn Equinox

We have a Full Moon in Pisces on Monday September 20, 2021 at 7:54 pm ET across from the Sun in Virgo. A spotlight on illusions and delusions of reality give rise to a lot of questions about what is true. Awareness of real facts and figures on health matters is necessary to dispel widespread disinformation. Though deceptions and untruths can make life feel like we’re living in the Twilight Zone, real smarts and intelligence can cut through the fog and bring heightened awareness. The desire to find the real truth can lead to spiritually enlightening wisdom.

We also have the Autumn Equinox on Wednesday September 22, 2021 at 3:20 pm ET when the Sun enters Libra.

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Aries: Truth and justice are highly important to you now. Information exchanges you have with people this week based in honesty can give you ideas about how to change the future. Words and phrases that arise at random with acquaintances, siblings and neighbors can give you a new perspective that shifts your motivations and prompts you to take action. Balanced, unbiased, honest opinions can put you in a position of respect among peers now.

Taurus: You could notice the rebellious types this week, which can inspire you to stand your own ground and develop your own approach to personal freedom. If someone is being abrasive and dishonest, it could prompt you to blurt out a truth that sets things straight. However, do think of the longer term implications because ultimately you want peace and harmony in your life, and revealing secrets could do the opposite.

Gemini: Honesty should be your philosophy this week. Step away from biased information when in conversations to allow the best to come forward. An open mind to start the week with a priority on honesty helps you see where untruths cause problems you don’t need so you can banish them from your life. Truth without bias give you motivation and makes you feel smarter.


Cancer: The Full Moon in fellow water sign Pisces starts the week on Monday and it can reveal a lot to you about what you really believe. Having some time to rest, sleep and be in your water element, like taking hot showers or steaming your face for improved health and well being will especially good for you. Your dreams could be like epic fantasies, that take you to another level of imagination giving you a more creative perspective on reality.

Leo: We have the Full Moon in Pisces that starts the week before the Sun enters Libra on Wednesday. A spotlight on your health and finances can prompt you to seek clarity. Facts and figures that don’t make any sense are your catalyst to probing further. Finding information you know for sure is real can help you to get out of the fog so you can make better decisions for yourself. Your relationships with people that are honest can bring more light into your life and change your future.

Virgo: The Full Moon in Pisces stands across from the Sun in your sign to start the week. People you know that are confused and unclear on life could learn a lot from your practical wisdom. Pondering other peoples more spiritual perspectives could also give you a more philosophical view on the purpose of life. Other people’s feelings can lead to personal epiphanies. Learning more about a healthy lifestyle is priority this week to feel balanced. Getting rid of wasteful spending on unnecessary expenses, especially on entertainments, can also help you feel more financially balanced now.


Libra: The Sun enters your sign on September 22nd for the Autumn Equinox. This brings a spotlight into your life where your best qualities can shine. Your ability to reveal truths, through your honesty is heightened. Prioritizing peace and harmony will have more people gravitating toward your energy. What you say can wake up a lot of people around you. Your words and opinions can have more impact and spread further than you think and help change the future.

Scorpio: Actions this week that are guided by truth and justice can change the future. Secrets revealed can take you closer to the truth. The Full Moon in fellow water sign Pisces is a great time for you to enjoy entertainments that have themes of mystery and fantasy, imagination and spirituality. They can bring out all new perspectives you hadn’t thought about before and could set you on a new creative path. Personal choices about bodily autonomy can be an issue in relationships now that put freedom and possessiveness in focus.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Pisces can put you in a more philosophical mood as the week begins. Family and home life can especially be your domain where your imagination comes to life. Harmonious communications in relationships should also be prioritized this week. Whether it is friends, random acquaintances, cousins, siblings, neighbors or social groups, your efforts to share, teach and learn from a positive, balanced perspective free of biases helps you immensely.

Capricorn: Honest communications is important in your career matters now. Purging yourself of negative points of view and biases is helpful, but could still be challenging. But ultimately, prioritizing harmonious interactions can help you in your professional relationships. Demonstrating truth and honesty can give you good rapport with bosses, colleagues and those in position of authority.

Aquarius: Learning more about relationships through historical works, like novels could give you some great new perspectives about yourself worth discovering. Jealousy, envy and insecurity in career matters or in your family life, especially if there is competition with a powerful female figure can have you seeking more personal freedom. You could feel like being a rebel to empower yourself. However, taking harmonious actions that are honest can help you feel authentically stronger and better able to relate to others.

Pisces: The Full Moon in your sign starts the week bringing a spotlight on you. Your wisdom could attract a lot of people and your advice could help others see life from a higher perspective that gives yourself and others a greater sense of purpose. Finding balance in your personal health routines is suggested this week. Experiencing fresh air and clean water can help you feel rejuvenated and more at peace.