Sun in Libra Autumn Equinox
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The NEW Daily Astrology – September 22, 2021 Autumn Equinox Sun in Libra

Today is the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra at 3:20 pm ET.

We just had the Full Moon in Pisces, now the Sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra for a month’s stay.

The Sun in Libra symbolizes bringing the light of truth into our lives. The scales are the symbol of Libra Libra signifying that during this period we can expect people to strive toward re-balancing our world through the measure of truth and justice in the world.

Before the Sun enters Libra we have Mercury also in Libra in a difficult position to Pluto in Capricorn on this day. This brings a lot of focus on conflicts of information which will prompt people to seek truth and justice to bring balance. As indicated by Pluto in Capricorn, biased information and purposefully untruthful messages can be a destructive force in our world, particularly that which is presented by those in positions of authority at the corporate and political levels of our society. This indicates that we must seek the truth to bring balance back into our world. This configuration indicates that conflicting information by those in positions of authority is likely to be intended to divide people among each other.

Mercury will be stationing Retrograde in Libra on September 27, 2021 indicating that people are going to be much more critical of those in positions of authority as humanity seeks real truth and justice in our world. We can expect a lot misinformation during this period as information is the tool used to battle for power. Biases and hypocrisy will be more obvious to many, but with Mercury Retrograde a the Trickster it is wise to be extra vigilant to not be caught up in deceptions. Naivety should be replaced by inquiry to shift the balance. Asking questions gets us closer to the truth. Lies and deception can never stand up when facing many questions. Censorship will be a strong topic during this period.


The Sun In Libra can bring a lot of epiphanies and realizations about truth and justice with the potential to wake up a lot more people during this period. More will start to recognize where information doesn’t add up and where untruths are dividing the world. Increased awareness about human rights is sure to be on more people’s minds.