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NEW Daily Astrology – September 25, 2021 Sun, Mercury, Mars in Libra

We have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra now. Mercury will be going Retrograde on September 27, 2021.

Today, Mars in Libra connects with Saturn in fellow air sign Aquarius indicating an active push for truth and justice against restrictions of freedoms now.

Mars the warrior will fight for truth and justice. Information that is limited, censored and restricted, which is creating an imbalance in our reality, needs to be addressed and Mars will push hard to adjust the balance.

This is a good time to ask a lot of questions about how power and authority is being demonstrated in the world and where those actions are leading us into the future.

Divisions will prompt people to realize that people coming together is what’s necessary to create change for the better.

A strong, influential male-figure could be in a leadership position speaking truth that impacts the collective mindset.

This is a good time to do work that accomplishes goals that manifest better balance in your life.