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NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope Zodiac Signs September 27 to October 3, 2021

This week starts off with Mercury stationing Retrograde in Libra on September 27th. Let’s hope that during this period the pendulum swings the other way and we have a lot of revelations that creates meaningful change and brings us real truth and justice to the world.

We could see a lot of backtracking, inquiry and investigations to reveal the truth in the larger picture of the world affairs, over the next few weeks. Where there is injustice in the world, we will see people put a lot of effort to strongly speak up against it especially with Mars in Libra now as well. This is the time to ask a lot of probing questions to quell the causes of chaos to replace it with true justice for the people.

This is one of our big chances to right wrongs. This is the time to help create positive change by prioritizing truth over all else. Change starts in the mind.

We are going to see the battle between objectivity and subjectivity heat up while Mercury is Retrograde along with Mars and the Sun in Libra. Awareness of the truth in contrast to obvious deceptions is going to wake a lot of people up during this period.

*We need to be extra aware and attentive to the intentionally created imbalances in leadership this week. As leaders are heading society toward destruction (thanks to Pluto in Capricorn) by purging workers – firing and forcing citizens to quit their jobs and being replaced.


Aries: Truth and justice are so important for all of us now, and this week it’s time to rethink how that applies to you and your life. Valuing yourself and standing up for the truth can bring meaningful changes to your relationships. Being honest in all your interactions and communications with people important to you can fix misunderstandings and mistakes. Be careful of your words this week as Mercury is Retrograde, especially what you say to authority figures related to your career. Also, be aware that your actions can speak louder than words, so put in extra effort to demonstrate your best behavior. To avoid klutzy mishaps, be extra attentive when you are walking and talking at the same time.

Taurus: This is a good time to reconfigure your lifestyle, ask questions, look for real answers and rediscover truths that have been forgotten. Your perception of reality and the larger picture of the world may not be so positive at times, as there can be information overload that weighs on your heart and can lead to much confusion. Your philosophy and outlook on life and the future will require more effort to see things positively. Destroying illusions to find the truth can change your goals and your relationships.

Gemini: Mercury is going Retrograde this week in fellow air sign Libra. It’s time for you to prioritize truth. Being honest about where there is misinformation, deception and trickery, especially where biases are hiding the real truth, can be essential to changes within yourself and your relationships. Putting on your investigators hat, becoming a sleuth to find the truth could have you see so much deeper into the way the world really works, and the truth could shock you into a new perception of reality.


Cancer: Mercury Retrograde will have you rethinking your relationships, especially to family and those close. Issues at home can give you a different perspective, prompting you to take actions to right wrongs. This week will be geared toward more personal considerations with the Moon in your sign on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Stresses of the external world could have you feeling like hibernating away or being a bit more of a hermit to deal with what matters to yourself most.

Leo: This week could have you asking a lot of questions to find out the truth, especially in your relationships. Biases and miscommunications can often cause sever blockages in relationships, so, prioritizing the truth is the key to correcting and fixing relationships now. Your most honest, responsible efforts will be recognized by people you associate with from friends and neighbors, to bosses and career leaders. If you have made mistakes in health and lifestyle choices, researching necessary changes you need to make can help bring you back into balance this week.

Virgo: Mercury goes Retrograde on Monday. Rethinking your relationships, especially in regards to your job and making money, could lead you to making important changes now. Communications issues, especially where honesty is lacking, can prompt you to make more effort to prioritize truth to help you find solutions that bring back balance and harmony. Secrets revealed about people in positions of authority can open your eyes. Getting rid of negative influences will help you improve your lifestyle. Be attentive to clever marketing and sales pitches that are less than honest so you don’t get swindled out of money.


Libra: Mercury goes Retrograde in your sign on Monday for the next few weeks. This is a time to ask yourself a lot of personal questions, to reset your way of thinking by observing the imbalances between truth and lies. You can be the example of truth and justice this week, prompting others to rethink how honest they really are or not. You’ll likely have a stronger urge in wanting to purge deception, trickery and misinformation from your life so you can live in better balance. The truth can set you free. Be sure to not overspend on luxuries, technology and entertainments as they may not be as satisfying as you anticipate.

Scorpio: Your ability to see through the veil of reality is heightened this week as you reconsider what is authentic and true. Your dreams, daydreams and intuition should be more noticeable than usual. A desire for a more romantic experience of life can elevate your imagination into the realm of fantasy. Peer pressure from family and those close to think and believe a certain way can be more than you want. Slipping into your imagination will help relieve stress and make you feel more in tune with your own creativity. Getting rid of negative influences in your immediate social circle can make room for relationships based on love.

Sagittarius: Mercury goes Retrograde this week indicating it’s time for you to rethink your relationships, particularly who your peers and friends are, and the types of groups you align with. Miscommunications and biases can lead to mistrust overall. This week will also having you question the deeper meaning of love. You’ll notice where people mistreat each other and it could have a big impact on what you believe about people overall, helping you to identify the types of personalities you do and don’t want to associate with.


Capricorn: Mercury Retrograde will have you rethinking your goals. You will likely notice a lot of imbalances that need to be fixed over the next few weeks. Untruths and biases that are causing problems will especially hit home for you, and you’ll be prompted to get rid of anything that stands in the way of the truth. We could see major issues in leadership positions that has you rethinking what’s really happening in the world. You could discover a major truth this week that knocks your socks off.

Aquarius: Rethinking the ways of the world and what the causes of imbalances are is important to you this week. Your entire worldview could flip on its head as you become more aware of injustices in the world. Your bigger goals, the ones you thought mattered so much for so long, just might not be as important to you anymore, as you gain a different perspective on what you really want. Big revelations in love could change your perspective of yourself immensely now.

Pisces: Mercury going Retrograde this week could significantly alter your perspective of reality and have you probing much deeper into your own psyche to find the whole truth. Love and compassion you feel for people around the world this week will awaken you to be guided in a new spirit. You could encounter a new romantic interest, but it could be purely fantasy. It’s not a good time to take out a loan or make financial decisions, and if you must borrow at this time, you should read the fine print a few times to make sure you aren’t getting yourself into agreements and debts you really don’t want.