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NEW Daily Astrology September 30, 2021

Too much spending and increasing debt could be a major issue now. Decisions about global finances, taxes, banking and the economy could be in conflict with future prosperity.

False and cryptic messages in the news, and perhaps from religious leaders on the world stage, that are associated with social conditioning could be excessive.

Legalities over an abused female figure could make news.

Alternatively, a deceptive female figure that spreads false, negative information in the media, especially by projecting a divisive psychological profile onto groups of people could face challenges. However, many will be able to see through the charade.

Sexual abuse allegations associated with journalism or the media are possible.

A major clue now could indicate history you thought was true, actually is not.

Following your heart will help you see through any lies now.

Jealousy and envy can create significant problems in relationships, especially in social groups.

We could hear issues relating to airlines today.

More censorship by big tech is also indicated.

It could seem like society is taking a major step backwards and could weigh on people’s hearts.

Venus in Scorpio conflicts Jupiter in Aquarius 7:31 pm ET

Mercury Retrograde in Libra continues…