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NEW Daily Astrology October 3, 2021

Today reminds us that we need to find balance in our relationships to heal one another. Being of light mind, seeking fairness, harmony and seeing where we are more alike than different can reveal a deeper truth to our individuality and our humanity.

External influences, peer pressure and information presented to us in social media and in the news media always has the possibility of affecting what we think and believe about reality. This is the time to be more inquisitive and ask questions so we can find the real truth.

A lot of the time people will simply trust whatever the consensus presents with the blind hope that everything will be just fine, like, “Well, that is what they are saying,” and then just go along with whatever is happening without any real inquiry or critical thinking. But Mercury Retrograde connecting with Jupiter now reminds us that it’s super important to be informed and aware by inquiring to get to know the whole picture and the real truth, rather than being a blindly optimistic follower.

You could find your own biases and thoughts about reality change today by looking for larger truths.

Where there are injustices in the world affecting a lot of people’s lives could become too obvious to ignore now.

It’s a good time to tap into the positive energy of The Sun to experience well being and to ponder the meaning of your life.

The Sun in Libra is opposite Chiron in Aries today and Mercury Retrograde in Libra connects with Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius.

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