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NEW Daily Astrology October 5, 2021

Mercury continues Retrograde in Libra getting closer to the Sun, Mars and the New Moon in Libra coming up tomorrow, along with Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn. Prepare for new beginnings.

Mercury also connects with Neptune today indicating double negatives and deceptions, while Mars connects with Uranus in Taurus indicating battles for freedom and justice, especially relating to bodily autonomy and biotechnology vs. nature. It also indicates imbalances in the earth and sudden, explosive changes, which the volcanic activity happening at La Palma demonstrates.

Yesterday we saw the big social media sites go offline, with perhaps much more going on behind the scenes than we really know with Mercury Retrograde and Pluto stationing to go direct.

Interestingly enough, with Pluto going direct in Capricorn tomorrow we have the Director of the NIH resigning and stepping down. Look for more changes related to political/corporate corruption and deceptions with Pluto changing directions and Mercury Retrograde now.

It’s been an incredible sight watching the La Palma volcano, especially at night…