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NEW Daily Astrology October 6, 2021 – New Moon in Libra, Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Today is a big day with a lot of fiery intensity! We have the New Moon in Libra aligned with The Sun and Mars in Libra at 7:02 am ET!

We also have Pluto stationing Direct in Capricorn today at 2:30 pm ET. Pluto symbolizes death, destruction, transformation and rebirth. Pluto will now be heading toward the Pluto Return of the United States coming up on February 20, 2022.

Pluto is also wealth and power, and especially in Capricorn it symbolizes the power that money can buy – corporate and political power that influences the world. So with this turning point we have another reminder to be aware of how absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Then the New Moon heading forward aligns with Mercury Retrograde in Libra at 5:38 pm ET. Mercury Retrograde is the Trickster and in Libra reminds us to be aware that deception is in the air swinging the balance of our lives and we’ll have to be extra keen to figure it all out. Be attentive to reverse psychology tactics and biases in the media. This time calls for an extra dose of emotional intelligence.

With all going on in Libra and Pluto going Direct today it reminds us of how the world of humanity is made by choices and decisions by people, and those with the most money and thus power, corporate entities and political leaders that create rules and laws, have so much power over shaping the reality we experience.

Speaking of value and money, did you know that during ancient Roman times the scales of Libra were used to weigh and measure units of money to determine value? The abbreviation of lb representing a pound, has its origins from Libra denoted as the £ symbol. 

Today’s astrology indicates the start of a big, new changes. Usually the New Moon is a good time to start fresh, and it still is, but with Mercury Retrograde we could change our minds a lot about what we want, think and believe. Misinformation creating strong imbalances now can lead to a lot of confusion. Mistakes and accidents are possible so it’s best to be cautious now.

Setting goals can be difficult with so many imbalances now needing to be corrected, we could be more focused on cleaning up errors and issues.

Mars the warrior and Pluto stationing Direct can indicate that the strong imbalances and injustices we see in the world, especially associated to the political, business and financial climate can create a lot of tension.

Libra values balance and harmony, truth and justice, but when the pendulum is swinging so far one way it’s bound to come crashing back to seek rebalancing.

The desire for major changes is especially heightened now as people want the real truth and to do away with lies, deception and destructive behavior. Strong emotional reactions are likely to put a lot of people in battle mode, especially when people are fighting for their survival against excessive force and conflict imposed by those in leadership positions. Ego clashes are likely to be notable now and throughout the week.

This is a hot week where tensions are high, but with an inquiring mind and seeking the real truth we can work hard to turn things around and realign with truth in the face of injustice.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of a lot more people waking up to create positive changes.