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NEW Daily Astrology October 7, 2021 Venus enters Sagittarius

Today it is wise to consider how love can change the world.

How do you think the energy of the world would change if people connected from the heart and saw each other through loving eyes, caring for one another?

Aim for love in your relationships to help make the world a more pleasurable place to live.

Beautiful, wide open spaces can bring a sense of freedom. Creatives and artists will appreciate learning and broadening their palette and process by experimenting with a more loose and abstract approach. The beauty of religious iconography and art is especially inspiring now.

Generosity can increase now and it’s easy to overspend on gifts now too. The desire to splurge and spend plenty of money can be quite tempting during this period.

Today Venus enters Sagittarius at 7:20 am ET and will be here until November 5, 2021.