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NEW Daily Astrology October 8, 2021 The Sun aligns with Mars in Libra

Right at midnight at 12:00 am The Sun and Mars align at 15 degrees 6 minutes of Libra.

This indicates a fiery day ahead, especially in law, justice and information especially with Mercury Retrograde getting closer to The Sun and Mars now.

The opportunity for awareness is strengthened but with so much trickery in the air now and so much backwards injustice the tension of Mars could be extra heated unleashing explosive energy and motivating strong actions. People tend to get fired up when truth is revealed.

We may also learn about major legal matters associated to big tech and finances.

These are tense times and we’re all feeling the stress. Bringing balance through sharing wisdom is a peaceful way to create change and open minds.

Excess energy and stress can be changed through exercise. A yoga practice of Sun salutations in the morning can be a healthy way to express your energy and bring clarity and balance to your body and mind.