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NEW Daily Astrology October 9, 2021

Mercury Retrograde aligns with The Sun in Libra at 12:17 pm ET today and then Mercury Retrograde also aligns with Mars at 6:48 pm ET at 16 degrees 16 minutes of Libra.

There is a lot of fire and air energy here. Exchanges of information could lead to strong shifts in balance today, and in the world but with Mercury Retrograde things could change and trickery could be part of talks. Injustices could be on people’s minds and indecisiveness could make figuring out solutions challenging. Be cautious and try not to get into aggressive arguments and also be careful of mindless accidents.

It’s not a good idea to get into heated disagreements now as aggression can rise easily with misunderstandings.

Replacing fear with wisdom can bring balance.

We also have Venus in Sagittarius opposite the Destiny Point in Gemini today at 3:11 pm ET.

A female figure could travel far for significant discussion about culture, religion, law and beliefs associated with technology that could affect the future. Interestingly enough Nancy Pelosi meets the Pope today. What timing!