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NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope Zodiac Signs October 11 to 17, 2021

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Aries: This week is the time for focus on your beliefs about love and how that influences how you see yourself in the world. Personal defenses of your ego could happily dissolve when love is your priority. This doesn’t mean letting others walk all over you, but instead by demonstrating the power of love you also help dissolve superficial barriers others hold in the way of their heart.

Taurus: Humor, love and laughter can be your ticket to easing tension and stress this week. You are likely to feel more philosophical these days and identify with the world from a more spiritual perspective. A love of wisdom as a higher goal can take you on a satisfying journey in your heart, mind and spirit. This is a good time to rethink your purpose in the world and how to find harmony in your relationships. It’s also a good time to reconsider how to find balance in your health and wellness routines. Learning more about vitamins and minerals that help with stress is suggested. Spending more time in wide open spaces, in the great outdoors can help you psychologically. Changing your internal dialogue, your routine thoughts and words can profoundly change your experience of the world around you.

Gemini: Being more careful with your words, and accommodating how others think and feel can open up a whole new world of joy for you and those you associate with. Instead of being critical and stuck in biased arguments, which could very well be based on superficial misunderstandings, prioritizing a kinder, gentler approach can make your relationships more positive and enjoyable. Spending time outdoors can reenergize you and clear your mind.


Cancer: Relationships are not always easy, especially when judgment, misunderstandings and power games of the ego take over. But extra effort to make changes this week in your communications, and showing you’re making an effort to learn to compromise and be compassionate can help you and others feel more comfortable.

Leo: What people think and believe isn’t always true, and you don’t always have to agree. Of course this can cause tension, but especially now, where changing perspectives of health are concerned, it’s best that you think harder for yourself about what is actually true and what makes sense. Pressure from others can be challenging, and feel like a power game, but ultimately research and an open mind is your best route to the truth.

Virgo: Being kind and loving in your relationships with people you are close to, family and those you live with can help bring positive balance into your life. You can change any conversation from disagreement, if you want to. Changing the subject to something more positive, or pointing out a different, broader more expansive open minded view from a kind and loving perspective, can help you feel more connected and secure in your relationships now.


Libra: Bringing more awareness to people in your social circle through positive conversations can help yourself and others make more sense of the world. A loving attitude and approach about what you believe can keep your mind open to receiving wisdom others have to share as well. At the end of the week struggles for power in family life could feel complex, but can ultimately bring you into knowing yourself better. Be the light you want to see in the world and you can dissolve the complications and traps of the ego.

Scorpio: Love as the responsible goal for family, home and those close will help you feel more secure. What people believe is true or not can be challenging in your relationships this week. Getting into conversations with strong willed people, or those in leadership positions like bosses, or simply neighbors and acquaintances can show you a side of people usually hidden. Seeing a different side of people can change your opinion significantly, but try not to get too hung up on it as Mercury Retrograde can give mixed messages difficult to interpret. Your opinion could change later. Just try to take the best possible perspective from what occurs to learn a valuable lesson and turn it into something positive for yourself.

Sagittarius: Feeling good about yourself is important to you now. Associating with people that have responsible goals and contribute to humanity can make you feel like your relationships are valuable now. People with strong wills and a positive self image can inspire you to love yourself more. Those that are willing to change their mind and compromise to keep life in balance are also the types best to associate with now. Though you don’t need compliments, when they are given, accept them with gratitude and know you’re worth it.


Capricorn: Love and spirituality can do you good now. You could find gems of wisdom in religion or cultural beliefs that open your heart. Giving yourself a broader perspective on love and incorporating daily practices that open your mind to higher thought can help you feel both grounded and enlightened. The end of the week can bring challenges in relationships, especially in career matters, but thinking of solutions can ultimately reveal your personal power and abilities to create change that brings balance. Saturn now direct can give you a shift of goals and priorities for your future.

Aquarius: With Saturn now direct in your sign you may feel more interested in setting new personal goals for your future. Bringing humor and love into your relationships and accepting the same from others will give you a strong sense of yourself now. An open, expansive mind with a priority of harmony in your relationships and can bring balance to your identity now. Your ability to think outside the box and accommodate different points of view from a place of love and understanding can garner you good friendships.

Pisces: You are likely to have a lot of light bulb moments this week that show up by surprise. An open mind on the meaning of life can expand your awareness. Sunshine gives you a psychological balance now so tapping into the light by soaking up some rays and contemplating solutions is worthwhile for you this week. By feeling lighter, your relationships are likely to benefit as well. The end of the week could bring changes to relationship dynamics, and could feel challenging, so remember to let the light overcome the ego for best results.