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NEW Daily Astrology October 13, 2021

Saturn just went direct in Aquarius on October 10th. Today Saturn connects with Venus in Sagittarius at 3:26 pm ET.

Saturn in Aquarius is associated with control and authority especially over our social lives of course, and Venus in Sagittarius gives us a more philosophical approach to the world, having us considering love and wisdom. Venus likes balance and as these planets connect it has us consider our relationship to authority figures across the world. Is the relationship based on love, wisdom and caring, or is the relationship based more on authoritarian control measures?

Venus also represents having a personal connection to nature and the body and with Uranus in Taurus now, the natural domain of Venus, we are facing circumstances around technology and the body, thus biotechnology is a big deal now, also associated to the Internet of Things.

This brings attention to our beliefs about our bodies and nature and what we put our faith in. Is the intelligence of our natural immune system that has developed over thousands of years able to cope with the circumstances of the world, or are we lead to believe that only rushed, extremely profitable technology by those in authority can protect us from the circumstances of the world?

Saturn in Aquarius is now also getting closer to Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius. Jupiter is associated with travel over long distances and in Aquarius especially is associated to air. No wonder we’re hearing so much about issues with air travel lately as people seek freedom of choice. Of course Venus is also associated with money, and we see people are striking and quitting their jobs as they choose to protect their bodies in connection with nature, as Venus represents.

Unfortunately ,with Saturn imposing strict rules, people are in a tough spot of survival, since no money means people may go without food and shelter. This has many questioning if the authority really “cares” about people’s well being and health as they use that reason to justify the destruction Pluto in Capricorn represents now.

All this has people looking at the world and the choices that are being made that are manifesting our future collectively. Different places in the world are taking very different approaches which can teach us a lot about the truth of the bigger picture.

There is zero profit with natural immunity but there are billions in profit with technology.

Love is often the real solution that can solve most problems in the world.