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NEW Daily Astrology October 16, 2021 Venus, Chiron, Mercury Retrograde

Today we have Venus in Sagittarius, Chiron in Aries and Mercury Retrograde in Libra connecting with one another.

Our relationships, identities and philosophy on life are greatly influenced by the world around us.

We have a lot of different types of information and misinformation, peer pressure and a complex mix of biased opinions from a lot of different angles that impacts our perspectives of reality in the world, Whether it is our friends, family, coworkers or the larger picture created by the media and political messages that span the airwaves, our relationships to ourselves and each other is really very complicated.

Today we are reminded to observe ourselves and each other as part of the whole picture and to wade through it all to seek and find the truth. If we can prioritize love as a universal core value of who we are and how we relate, we can fix mistakes and take steps toward a unraveling injustices so we can rebalance ourselves and the world.

This also signifies individuals standing up for their personal rights associated to money and the airline industry as well as the education system with Jupiter as ruler of Sagittarius.

Venus in a challenging connection with the Moon in Pisces later today can indicate a more emotional influence of heart and soul. Taking care of yourself in soothing ways can be helpful. Emotional demonstrations in films and music can have an extra pull at your heartstrings now.