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La Palma Volcano Archangel Michael

It’s day 30 since the volcano in La Palma started erupting. This is the most active I’ve seen the volcano so far. It’s incredible.

I recently learned of the flag of La Palma, which depicts Archangel Michael on a Tower with the scales of Justice and a crown. Quite a fitting symbol for the times.

Today Mercury stations direct in Libra (the scales) after having been Retrograde for the past few weeks.

Also today, Jupiter stations Direct in Aquarius and connects with Mars in Libra at 10:36 pm ET at 22 degrees 20 arc minutes. Mars connecting with Jupiter can indicate big explosive energy. Mars is also associated with the Tower in the Tarot.

I wonder if the volcano will intensify as we get closer to the Full Moon in fiery Aries coming up on October 20th.

Here are some LIVE views of the volcano. I can honestly watch these for hours.


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