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NEW Daily Astrology October 18, 2021 Jupiter Direct in Aquarius, Mercury Direct in Libra

Today is a big day and turning point as we have Jupiter stationing Direct in Aquarius at 1:31 am ET.

Mercury has been Retrograde in Libra for the past few weeks, and stations Direct in Libra today at 11:17 am ET and will be stationed at a standstill of 10 degrees 8 arc minutes of Libra until 8:00 pm ET, then start moving forward in Libra again.

Now is time for us to all move forward together for truth and freedom. Mercury Retrograde revealed a lot about the imbalances in our world created by choices, biases and misinformation. Now it’s time for us to make honesty priority to rebalance the world. Communications is so essential for us to be aware so we can make smarter, informed decisions based on facts.

We have also seen how the policies and decisions made by authority figures has intentionally created real issues with commerce in our economy. It’s time for people to wake up and speak truth to create change.

Mars in Libra also connects with Jupiter in Aquarius at 10:36 pm ET indicating strong push for balance, truth and justice toward our future. Big money associated to technological advances and military endeavors might get a lot more talk in the media, but could also be upsetting.

For more details, I’ve written a lot about what’s happening in the new Jupiter Direct in Aquarius horoscope here.

The Moon is also in Aries now as we prepare for the Full Moon in Aries coming up on Wednesday which I’ll talk more about in the NEW Daily Astrology updates.