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NEW Daily Astrology October 22, 2021 Mars challenges Pluto

Mars in Libra connects with Pluto in Capricorn now in a challenging position at 12:19 am ET.

This can feel like an intense time but this is also a really smart time to think about solutions to problems, to fix and change tension in the world.

Developing a strategy to create balance toward truth and justice would be a positive use of this time.

We are at a fork in the road about what we’re working toward in our lives, and we have the power to create major changes by the decisions we make followed by actions to achieve those goals. It’s an important time to weight pros and cons of the way forward to make best decisions.

Actions create change.

Decisions followed by actions can change the world. If we really want to create positive balance and change, facing the truth is necessary to measure where we really stand.

This configuration indicates aggressive ego battles where the teeter totter between balance and imbalance of power can be intense.

Biases can be an issue now, and those defending their egos and reputations may be less than honest, to achieve their goals.

Mars and Pluto are both the co-rulers of Scorpio and symbolize highly destructive, explosive, active and reactive forces and when they are in conflict it’s like the power of a volcano.


It is wise to be conscious of how those in authoritative positions, abuse power now, especially in their relations to others and how they treat people. What people say and how they behave will reveal a lot about who they are. What people are doing behind the scenes may also be revealed now.

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear of some major event related to political and corporate power during this time. We could see evidence of injustice, crime and corruption by powerful people that needs to be revealed and dealt with for truth and justice to regain balance.

With Mars in Libra it is truth and justice that are priorities fought for by Mars the warrior.

Financial power and wealth creating great conflict is possible, and egos will likely be on full display.

Violence is certainly attributed with these two power players as well and Mars indicates machinery and weaponry as associated to military power.

We could also hear of an act that causes a strong change in the reputation of someone in a leadership position, or a celebrity, athlete or military person associated to politics and business now and we could also hear intense talk or demonstrations about sexuality.

Arguments and disagreements with bosses and leaders could escalate tensions, but focusing on solutions to fix problems can create positive change toward improvements.

Sometimes the most powerful decision you can make, and the most powerful thing you can do is to say, “No.”

Strategic decisions are indicated as creating powerful, potent changes now.

Love wins battles and truth brings balance to the world.

A yoga practice incorporating the warrior pose to tap into balance, strength and stamina would be well suited.