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NEW Daily Astrology October 26, 2021 Venus and Neptune

Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Sagittarius are in a challenging position today.

Where we see a lack of compassion, empathy and love in the world, but instead see the stark contrast of cruelty and apathy, it can be pull at our heart strings with a sharp edge that wakes up sleeping souls.

Karma is not something to be fooled. What is true and real, is true and real no matter what veil of distraction or deception attempts to hide it.

Today we are reminded of how the world encompasses vast possibilities, and at the core of how we live in the world is where our heart is – how open or closed our heart is to giving and receiving love.

The world is a cosmic play and we all choose to manifest the reality of this story of life by our collective karmic actions. Wherever we see a lack of compassion toward anyone, any living being whether people, plants or animals, it awakens awareness now. Wherever it is evident that there is a void of heart and soul it will be noticed.

To correct this, it is necessary to change karma and seek higher wisdom, not just of the mind with a philosophical perspective on the world, but to seek how to expand the wisdom of the heart, to be healed and opened to feel, connect and recognize the soul in ourselves and in others.

Meditation on the heart and all its associations you can think and feel can bring you much wisdom today that changes you and therefore adds a drop of change to the world.

Today we are reminded that spirituality is not just concepts in the mind but more about the heart.

Venus in Sagittarius in challenge to Neptune in Pisces is also a reminder to be wise to deceptions and illusions that form false beliefs that go against the legal rights of everyone’s bodily autonomy especially in association to technology and biotechnology.

It’s time to pull back the veil of deception over the world and to prioritize love.