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NEW Daily Astrology October 28, 2021 Venus and Jupiter

Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aquarius connect today indicating an expanded point of view for the future is possible when you ask bigger questions and listen to your heart.

What do you want and what do you believe? What is your vision and how does that manifest into reality? What vision does the collective have and how does that manifest our reality? How do beliefs especially those formed by the mass media influence the collective consciousness? How do far reaching collective beliefs then become self fulfilling prophecy’s which manifests the future?

This is a time to pay attention to truth and wisdom revealed around the world now.

Learning more about philosophical ideas that stretch your concepts of reality is indicated now,

This would be a good day to learn about philosophy, spirituality and quantum consciousness.

This is a good time to be artistic, creative and think outside the box. Creative types may find the temptation to overspend on art supplies, but could be worth it.

Women in the news and women’s groups could get a lot of attention now especially about social issues. We could even see news about a female figure that demonstrates peer pressure or is associated to cult like group think.

Travel freedoms may get more attention, as well as global financial considerations that can impact the future.

As feelings of love can be emphasized today, the contrast of those that lack empathy will not go unnoticed.

If you spread your wings to open your heart and mind today, you are likely to become much wiser, which can therefore change your future.