Tarot: What is the US Role in What is Happening?

Here is an interesting combination from the Zombie Tarot…

We can see right away that the center card is Temperance, and in this deck it is symbolized by a vaccine at the very core of all this. How interesting!

On the left of center we have people in battle, disagreeing over what they think and fighting for power with the 5 of Swords. To the right we have someone hiding, isolated, to find solace and comfort with the 9 of Cups. How appropriate.

At the bottom left we have the Page of Hazards (pentacles, coins), information is manifesting reality, with the Eight of Swords and the King of Wands indicating there is a strong will by authority that is sending out a message of material control which is restricting people’s minds / perspective.

At the top, the results and culmination of what is being done, we have the King of Hazards, 5 of Cups and the World. The leadership/authority in control over the material world is leading to a lot of sadness and hardship.

So what does the core issue at the center, the mixing Temperance represents lead to? Below we see the foundation is that information is closed off. To the left we see strong disagreements and battles. To the right we see the promise of safety and comfort, but the result above reveals it ultimately leads to loss, emotional sadness and grief.

This spread also connects with last year’s spread from the Autumn of 2020, before Halloween also using the Zombie Tarot on the same subject – What’s Chn’s role in what’s going on? That spread started with the World appearing to be destroyed as well, so we are seeing there is a very strong connection between these two and Saturn represents structure, planning, limitations, rules, manifestation and achievement of goals.

The World is ruled by Saturn in the tarot, and Saturn is currently in Aquarius and has been since the start of all this. Also note the bust on the cube in the King of Hazards which can indicate authority of Saturn.

The imagery of this spread associated with what’s going on is worth pondering further…