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NEW Daily Astrology October 30, 2021 Mars enters Scorpio, Sun and Saturn

Today the Mars enters Scorpio at 10:20 am ET.

We also have the Sun in Scorpio now having a challenging connection with Saturn in Aquarius today. This has a particularly psychological edge to it, where secrets could be revealed bringing a deeper awareness that gets right down to the root of things – particularly about authority figures, which could range from the more personal like parents and bosses, to the larger influencers like bankers, tech giants and political figures.

The Sun in Scorpio emphasizes awareness of thing that go on behind the scenes. Abuses of power, including financial manipulations and sexual abuses by authority figures could get attention.

It can be a good time to do research where detective work can reveal, shed light on and decipher what is normally tightly hidden behind closed doors under lock and key.

Telling secrets that affects someone’s reputation could cause strong reactions.

In the big picture, we might see some obvious examples of how absolute power corrupts absolutely.