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NEW Daily Astrology November 1, 2021 Mercury and Jupiter

Mercury is finishing off in Libra this week and today connects with Jupiter in fellow air sign Aquarius.

This is a reminder to use your mind for what it was intended.

Thoughts and beliefs that come to your mind today are likely worth noting and thinking more about. Your biggest ideas just might have a bigger impact on your future than you think.

It’s not a day to think small. It’s a good time to expand your mind, to think outside the box, to see the world from a more philosophical perspective and to think about the bigger meaning of your life and where you are heading.

Today also indicates an important time to learn and become much wiser about the ways of the world with truth and justice as a high priority leading us into the future.

There is also the potential for big news today, especially about big tech, money, the education system, the energy sector and the airline industry is high. People could be thinking a lot more about the influence the justice system has on our lives.

Information that spreads on social media and emphasized in the corporate news media can be especially influential now with the messages meant to have a big influence on the collective mindset. Be attentive to big promises and over confidence today as hope can lead to naivety and blind trust. Use your mind to think and ask big questions, “Is it really true? Does this really make sense? Can I really trust this information and this source of information?

Having important conversations and thinking about solutions for the bigger picture of our future is recommended.

It’s wise to weigh the pros and cons of any decisions made today as they can have impact that lasts. If you are being asked to make a decision about your body, especially associated to technology, it is wise to do a lot of research.

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