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NEW Weekly Astrology Zodiac Signs Horoscopes November 1 to 7, 2021 New Moon in Scorpio

The week starts off with Mercury finishing off in Libra and connecting with Jupiter in Aquarius.

We also have the New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, 2021 at 5:13 pm ET.

Venus enters Capricorn and Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th.

The interest in being more knowledgeable and aware increases this week. Deciphering, decoding and discovering what’s really going on behind the scenes in the dark shadows is also strongly emphasized this week as people seek the truth.

Investigations could be in strong focus and increase as the week develops. Crime and corruption, especially associated to corporate power, banking, political issues and supply chains all mark the times. We also might hear of more sex scandals this week.

We are likely to see strong demonstrations against corrupt power in high places this week as more people get powerful surges of the charge of Mars energy.

We’re going to see a lot more examples of people not putting up with being lied to, deceived and manipulated anymore by corrupt Plutocrats.

We could see a lot of new attention on finance, the stock market, the banking industry, taxes and debt develop this week.

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Aries: Accessing the deeper psychological roots of your motivations and desires are in focus this week. You may not be so keen on imbalanced decisions by those in powerful positions of authority this week especially relating to financial decisions that don’t make sense. Taxes that are ridiculous can be especially annoying. It would be wise to think about how to get your own finances in order, especially regarding your debt and savings associated to the bigger picture of world financial circumstances.

Taurus: Your interest in personal freedom can get great emphasis this week especially in how you relate to others. When Venus enters Capricorn on the 5th, your higher aims and goals in creativity and career matters come into focus. Making something of substance that matters to you becomes more important. Look to a wide variety of inspiration to get more inspired to create. Your dreams could become much more vivid giving you profound insight into your own psyche.

Gemini: A great interest in learning begins the week for you. Knowing the real truth expands your perspective of humanity and the world. However, as the week progresses conversations that include gossip and negative points of view could damage your relationships this week and having differences of opinion on health, sexuality and money matters can especially create tiffs. Even small comments that reveal points of view that are often hidden can make things messy so do your best to watch your words. Your work, lifestyle routine and health get more attention from the 5th onward. Focusing on what makes you feel good and getting rid of the things that bring you down can help you mentally and emotionally.


Cancer: As we enter November we are reaching toward a New Moon in Cancer on the 4th in fellow water sign Scorpio. Your creative edge could kick up a notch where mysterious qualities have you diving deep into symbolism and meaning. Paying closer attention to your dreams and new ideas that emerge from deep contemplation and daydreaming is recommended. It’s a good time to enjoy the magical quality nighttime brings for inspiration.

Leo: Your interest in freedom to pursue your goals is likely to increase. Utilizing your energy at home, such as by exercising, can give you that extra dose of energy you need to move toward your goals. However, if you find your family circumstance or needs at home is taking over too much of your energy or an emotional toll, you might find that getting to work gives you a necessary outlet to get the relief you need. Finding the home-career balance is key for you now and in both cases it is financial stability and financial freedom for your future that motivates you most this week.

Virgo: A growing interest in knowing more about the real facts of health and lifestyle choices starts the week for you. Your increased awareness could also have more influence on those in your social circle than you expect. Finding balance between financial security and not wasting money is also important for you this week. Research on finances, asking questions and talking about your goals for the future is recommended. It’s worth discussing taxes, debt, and savings with those that have experience and knowledge in such matters to give yourself a better position. Accountants, bankers and investors are the types that could have the inside scoop that is helpful and you might also want to look into the possibilities, and the pros-and-cons of cryptocurrency.


Libra: The week begins with opportunities to increase your awareness exponentially. An open mind, like having the curiosity of a child’s mind where you ask a lot of questions can bring you a wide variety of new wisdom. Imbalances around money, career matters, and home concerns are in focus as well this week, whether its about buying, selling, renting, moving or dealing with mortgage rules, interest rates and taxes. Clarity will arrive as the week progresses as you’ll have new insights and understanding of your financial picture. You may feel a strong interest in making changes to your home space to help it feel more comfortable and beautiful, even if it’s just little changes, decor or flowers in your space can help you feel better.

Scorpio: There’s quite a bit of activity in your sign this week with the Sun and Mars in Scorpio already, and then you’ll have the New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th and Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th. Challenging conversations over beliefs could have you feeling out of balance to start the week, especially with differing opinions on money matters and freedoms in relationships. The New Moon can have you feeling the need for personal changes that lead to more self awareness and growth. Chances are you’ll be thinking and feeling a lot internally this week, and if you can prioritize love and make kind and considerate little compromises in your relationships you will start to feel like you can make positive changes.

Sagittarius: Socializing can be an important avenue to realize bigger truths about the world now. Learning through conversations can take you to new heights of awareness. Curiosity about the bigger questions about the meaning of life can inspire you to dream, imagine and dive deep into the mysteries of existence. It’s a good time to do research and explore the hidden side of reality with more interest which can open you up to seeing new possibilities that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s also a wise time to find out more about the bigger picture of finance and learning more about secrets and what’s going on behind the scenes about how money operates and is changing in the world now. Setting yourself new goals, especially job and career related matters associated to financial security could put you ahead of the game.


Capricorn: Your mind is likely to change a lot about career and goals this week, especially because you want to find balance and get rid of the things that make your life feel messy and unstable. Try not to get into arguments and avoid talk that leads to self sabotage. Try not to get overly involved in social situations where secrets are revealed or negative talk is in focus as it could turn into an overwhelming situation. Instead, you can turn things in a more positive direction by focusing on love you hold within you. And with that in mind, you just might find attractions change when love is your priority.

Aquarius: You could initially feel unsure about your aims and vision for your life in relation to the current ways of the world as the week begins. Seeking balance can prompt you to imagine big changes. As the week continues, new inspiration in your career and goals in likely to arise. It’s a good time to dream and imagine what you want your future to look like and how to create goals that inspire more stability that gives you stronger, more grounded roots that helps you move forward with more strength.

Pisces: An open mind can significantly develop a new, much larger perspective on reality. Your ability to think, question, imagine and dream about the possibilities can show you a new, different way of life which could change your path toward the future. Thinking more about bigger religious and philosophical ideas can have you feeling aligned with the types of people that prioritizing seeking higher truths. You’d also be wise to use your intuitive gifts and abilities to see through the veil to discover more about what’s going on behind the scenes in the realm of global finance. Just a little research can get those wheels of wisdom and intuition turning. Pay attention to clues and follow your hunches to position yourself better.

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