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NEW Daily Astrology November 2, 2021 Mercury Challenges Pluto

Mercury in Libra is in a most difficult position with Pluto in Capricorn today.

It is wise to be careful with what you say now especially if you are dealing with someone in authority which could be a parent, boss, politician or someone involved in law. However, though it is sometimes difficult, the truth needs to be said to create necessary change.

Misinformation can create conflict. Words can cause serious damage. Though we could hear many lies, truth can cause the most damage to deception now.

It’s not a good time to gossip or talk bad behind someone’s back. It could create strong, even disastrous imbalances in relationships. Secrets that get out could be seen as major backstabbing or betrayal.

The truth is in a battle, and we could see the reputation of a person in a high position, an official, politician or office of corporate power or governance be damaged, especially one that is doing something underhanded, illegal and causing harm.

Someone in a position of power and leadership could make a decision that is destructive which could lead to a lot of questions about ethics, law and justice.

We could see information about the banking industry, the stock market, economy, and finance and indicates imbalances adding to awareness of inequality.

Focus on investigations, evidence or a law suits that involved big league politics and corporate power are quite possible.

Rulings in legal matters that reveal destructive abuses of power would also not be surprising.

Someone with a lot of clout could say something inappropriate or quite awful having a big impact on reputations.

Asking questions seeking the truth can reveal deep, dark secrets.

Be careful of strange phone calls, they could be scams. Skepticism today can help avoid messes.