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Venus enters Capricorn November 5, 2021 NEW Daily Astrology and Mercury enters Scorpio

Today we have planets Venus and Mercury on the move. Venus enters Capricorn at 6:43 am ET and Mercury enters Scorpio at 6:34 pm ET.

We just had the New Moon in Scorpio yesterday so we are in a period of growth of awareness and intuitive instincts as we seek deeper, hidden truths.

With Venus in Capricorn we could see more attention on female leadership roles and power figures, especially as it relates to the realms of politics and big business. Famous women are likely to get a lot more attention in their impacts in career.

Venus will be meeting Pluto in Capricorn in December and will go Retrograde on December 19th, so Venus will be in Capricorn for quite a long time – until March 6, 2022. We can expect to people to be wanting major changes in money, wealth and career matters for the next few months. Our changing relationship and experience to the material world is in focus and our goals will be transforming.


Fast moving Mercury will only be in Scorpio for a couple of weeks, until November 24, 2021 but during this period we should see a lot of investigative information come to the surface, especially in how money is being handled behind the scenes. We can expect to see a lot of examples of lies and deception in November. Discoveries about the activities of the rich and powerful connected to banking elitists and political figures will become more evident. More talk of taxes, debt, loans and cryptocurrency is also indicated.

Talk about sexuality is also likely to get a lot of attention during this period, especially with Mars also in Scorpio now too.

More on all this in the days and weeks ahead.