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NEW Daily Astrology November 6, 2021 Mercury and Venus

Yesterday, Mercury and Venus entered new signs of the zodiac. Mercury entered Scorpio and Venus entered Capricorn.

Today they are emphasized in a sextile to one another. Mind, body and emotions are in focus.

Attractions to both beauty and smarts are indicated now. Intelligent conversations can be stimulating. Candle light dinners can spark romance.

Talk about love and sex could get more attention overall now. Intimate conversations are suggested. Jealousies in relationships are quite possible. Revealing deeper, intimate secrets could strengthen bonds.

We could also hear of secrets revealed regarding taboo subjects, about a female figure that could be famous or prominent, possibly associated to politics… like secrets discovered in a diary.

A female celebrity or is well known, or a leader could say something interesting that gets people talking, gossiping or investigating further.

With Pluto in Capricorn indicating transformation of the physical along with Venus as the feminine archetype, and androgynous Mercury in Scorpio we could hear more about transexualism now.

Money is also a topic that is emphasized today, which can include cryptocurrency. It would be wise to pay attention to what is happening with money, especially what’s hidden behind the scenes.

The temptation to shop to feel attractive is likely, whether it’s jewelry, lingerie, or a revealing outfit, and sexy magazine ads could lead to the desire to spend with credit card splurges. A new look with a more smoky, alluring quality could be interesting. Fragrances can send unspoken signals, and spark primal instincts, like aphrodisiacs.

We also just had the New Moon in Scorpio a couple of days ago on the 4th, so we’re in a growth phase over the next two weeks.