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NEW Weekly Zodiac Signs Astrology Horoscopes for November 8-14, 2021 Mercury and Mars in Scorpio

With Mars and Mercury meeting in Scorpio this week, we are likely to see more examples of aggressive talk and attitudes. Strong words can sting and have deep impact on people’s internal psychological world.

With aggressive talk likely, yelling, swearing or highly inappropriate topics just might get attention – perhaps caught on audio or video.

Money, war and sex are topics likely in focus in the news this week.

This week observe behavior, attitudes, and actions as they will give many more clues about what’s really going on behind the scenes. Deep, dark secrets could be revealed this week.

It’s wise to also consider that sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword.

Sometimes words can reveal a lot, but sometimes they can only go so far and land on ears that just don’t want to listen. Actions can often speak much louder than words.

Mercury and Mars in Scorpio both have challenging connections with Saturn in Aquarius this week. We can expect to see the dirty, poisonous, abusive, deceptive, aggressive side of politics, big money, corporate power, technology and social controls. Instigation and peer pressure can be problems that gets people pushing against one another.

At the end of the week Mercury will oppose Uranus indicating rebellious types will stand their ground. Financial security matters make news.

Asking what the secret ingredients are is recommended.

Those with addictions could come to terms with deeper issues that leads to awakening to a new reality.

More details this week in the NEW Daily Astrology.

Read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

Aries: Are your thoughts and actions in tune with what you really want? Or, do you say and do things according to what others expect of you? This is a time to consider if you are self empowered of your own free will, or if you are limited by the expectations, peer pressure and demands of others. Taking a self assessment to look at what your deeper motives to taking action are, is suggested. Are you conscious or unconscious of what motivates you? Are you the one taking the reigns of your own future, or are you floating on a stream into the unknown? This is also a wise time to think more about getting your money matters in order as they relate to the larger picture of society’s financial picture. It’s wise to trust your hunches, create a strategy and take charge by thoughtful actions.

Taurus: Observing words and behaviors and trusting your instincts will tell you the truth about others now. As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” Your assessment of others is strong this week. If someone is controlling or trying to hold you back from your own personal freedom or your goals, you’ll likely be willing to stand your ground and live according to your own will. If you are having a hard time figuring out your goals, looking to others that are active in your fields of interest can inspire you to go for it. Obstacles can be frustrating but can also give you extra motivation to push harder for what you want to achieve.

Gemini: Taking care of your physical and psychological health is suggested. Mindful, active lifestyle routines and exercise can help you sort out your inner world of psychology. If you’ve got plans, travel restrictions or obstacles can easily get on your nerves. Secrets and activities behind the scenes might not be so hidden and could get more talk and gossip than expected. What you’ve been lead to believe about health could get a shocking surprise this week that makes you wiser and changes the way you think and feel about your goals.


Cancer: You are likely to experience shifts in your relationship goals this week, as the Moon connects with Venus and Pluto early in the week. If you’re working on something like a personal hobby, you may not be so keen on others getting in your way or asking too many questions as you dive deep into your own interests. As the week progresses you’re likely to make personal discoveries that feels like your view of reality gets bigger and more interesting. Virtual reality, fantasy adventure movies, and games can be of great inspiration this week.

Leo: Family secrets, or what people close have said and done behind the scenes can be on your mind. The way people close to you behave can reveal a lot of truth. People can say one thing but their actions reveal something else, another side or ulterior motives. Your intuition will be sensitive so trust your instincts this week. If there is evidence of discomfort in your relationships, between friends or a romantic interest with family and home life, it’s worth thinking or talking about to figure out the root of the issue. The polarity between restriction and freedom can be the core of necessary changes now.

Virgo: Gossip can be an issue this week. Whether it is what is said or done, words, actions and key phrases that stand out to you can reveal a lot of truth. Talking bad about people can cause problems in relationships. Sometimes it’s better to be an observer than to get too deeply involved in social issues. If you are traveling you’d be wise to not show off your financial status too freely for your own security – like wearing fancy clothes and jewelry can send messages you may not want others to notice.

Libra: Sometimes making money isn’t much fun, and sometimes not having a fun social life can make work feel redundant and taxing on your body, mind and energy. This week you’ll be questioning what you’re really doing with your time and if it’s worth it. You would be wise to listen to your true hidden feelings and assess your energy levels to figure out what changes you need to get yourself feeling more motivated and energized. Though you might feel like time can be a battle, being productive can give you more energy to achieve results. If you can fit in time for a hobby, it could be just what you need to feel a combination of personal freedom and stability.


Scorpio: You have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in your sign this week. It’s a good time to dream, imagine and get creative on your own terms. You could become super aware this week, making significant discoveries. Secrets revealed now could be surprising and eye opening. What you believe, think, say and do can have quite an impact and influence – you could have opinions and views that are much smarter than those around you now. But being more aware and in-the-know, and feeling strongly that your views are important, you could get quite aggressive with having your perspective heard. Consequently, restrictions, barriers and limitations with family and home can really push your buttons. Sometimes people that are close can feel like they’re holding you back from the freedom to think and do as you want for yourself.

Sagittarius: The Moon connects with Jupiter on November 11 around 3 pm ET. Being sociable and having conversations can be an eye opener. It’s a wise time to listen and learn. Reading philosophical perspectives is also worthwhile now. Anything you are instinctively gravitating toward learning is worth exploring more now. You could make a lot of discoveries that gives you a different view of the bigger picture of life and give you a deeper understanding of yourself and humanity. Spiritually minded athleticism like yoga, tai chi or martial arts can give you a better appreciation of your energy. Your thoughts lead to actions which creates your karma.

Capricorn: Misunderstandings in your social life could lead to reveal deeper issues, especially where there may be aggressive exchanges of words. Peers could push your buttons. Something could be said that is blown out of proportion, so you’ll need to decide if continuing any battles are worth it or just making a mess. If the wrong thing is said in the heat of the moment it could close doors. Differing opinions about the environment or biotechnology could also cause issues. You could also be thinking about finances a lot this week, and any limits or obstacles associated to money could get you extra annoyed. Temptations to spend on credit could be increased, but not a good idea. Self discipline can be tough but rewarding.

Aquarius: Getting in heated arguments especially in business or with people in positions of authority could push you to your limits. Sometimes it’s smarter to bite your tongue, listen and observe to get deeper insight. Something could be revealed that you don’t want others to know which could impact your reputation. If someone is tempting you to do something you don’t want, trust your instincts. In the long run, it could be best to say no.

Pisces: What people say and do reveals a lot about thoughts, beliefs and instincts. Your intuition is heightened this week especially through the power of observation of people’s actions and listening between the lines. Seeing and hearing how other people are can teach you a lot about yourself now too. You’ll also notice how others live in illusions, that thoughts and actions are not always based in reality, but by people’s perceptions and unconscious needs. Likewise, your ability to decipher what is really going on can mostly seem right on, but sometimes you have to take more time to ensure it’s not just an imagined assumption. By noticing how others are, your motivation to become more self aware so you speak and act consciously is heightened. Exotic, mysterious types could be especially intriguing now.