Tarot: What Happens When People Take the V?

Here is a short, but to the point interpretation.

2 Pentacles Reversed: new complications, contradictory chances, contradictory tasks, life out of balance, balance shifts in unexpected direction, caught off guard, inability to handle conflict or several situations at once, wrong decisions made due to confusion from stress and carelessness, panic, rigidity, anxiety in the face of change, long held positions can no longer be defended, the consciousness is easily rattled when confronted with life’s challenges, refusing to accept inevitable.

4 of Cups: uncertain feelings, weariness, decaying joy, refusal, hesitation, be careful of making rash decisions, emotions interfere with rational decision making, mood swings, ignoring situation that should be addressed, intuitive reluctance, dissatisfaction with conditions and directions, not grasping what is in front of you.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed: constant changes, as above so below, turning point, search for the center, out of control, seeking power, blame bad luck, stagnation, the project stalls, not listening to inner voice, relying on luck, loving vibrations blocked, cynicism, skepticism, lack of ideas, materialistic thinking. 

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Tarot Interpretation February, 2021.