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Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2021 NEW Weekly Zodiac Signs Astrology Horoscopes November 15 to 21, 2021

This week we have the Full Moon in Taurus and it’s a Partial Lunar Eclipse but really it’s almost a Total Lunar Eclipse. The Eclipse starts just after 1 am ET on November 19, 2021 and just a small portion of the moon will still be visibly lit at it’s peak at 4:02 am ET.

This Full Moon in Taurus indicates a revealing time of changing awareness, where what is hidden can shift our consciousness heading forward. Eclipses have historically been seen as ominous omens. Of course, with this Full Moon we have the Sun in Scorpio which further gives us clues that shedding light on what is hidden is what is needed now to discover truths.

In Taurus it is money, job security, and our physical association to ourselves and the world, including our bodies and our environment that are n focus. What are we manifesting in the world? What do we have, and what do we really want?

With the Sun in Scorpio opposite this Full Moon in Taurus it reminds us that truth is often hidden but can be discovered. For many shedding old skin and being renewed with this eclipse is likely.

We also have Uranus in Taurus now which gives us clues regarding the direction we are heading, especially including how technology relates to our bodies, our food and environment as well as our financial future. Mercury in Scorpio was opposite Uranus in Taurus just a few days ago, which gives us further clues on this subjects in focus now.

It’s interesting that with all the talk of blame for health and environment these days, those talking and pushing the most on the subjects never seem to focus on positive solutions of improving relationships with nature and our health through nutrition, gardening, planting and organic food choices, but rather only cast blame on the people, push heavy handed restrictions and focus on increasing taxes to enrich the rulers. It’s always very telling when observing the full picture rather than what is projected. Hypocrisy on these subjects could certainly be revealed with this Full Moon eclipse.

I will have another post on this Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse this week with more details.

We have more happening this week which I’ll talk about in the NEW Daily Astrology as well.

For Your Zodiac Sign This Week – Read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

Aries: Your desire to make your own independent choices about your financial security is in focus this week. Motivation to secure your financial freedom can have you looking at alternative options available, including turning paper money into real physical assets, or cryptocurrency as a way of getting ahead of inflation. Physical attractions can also change for you this week where you feel more grounded and in touch in the real world as your senses are heightened. The Full Moon can have you considering the changes you want in stepping away from your past and toward your future.

Taurus: The goals you thought you wanted are likely to change more this week as you realize how your identity and who you see yourself to be, is changing. A different philosophy and meaning to your life can reveal to you how you want to change your karma. Material goals can be very different from your spiritual goals now. The Full Moon in your sign, with an eclipse can have you seeing yourself very different by the end of the week. Making changes to how you care for your body can change your life.

Gemini: In your job, career and goals it’s wise to use your imagination. Creativity can go a long way and help you put more meaning into what you are doing. The Full Moon and eclipse can shift your perspective of the world, helping you to see more deeply. A walk in nature, or spending time dreaming by moonlight among the star can give you a meaningful shift you’ll feel. You’re likely to have a different perspective on life than some in your social circle, so you could find you’re more comfortable thinking on your own terms as you contemplate what’s changing in the world, and how your goals and lifestyle are changing accordingly.


Cancer: The Full Moon Eclipse this week can have you feeling differently about the types of people you have in your life. How you feel on a visceral level about people is changing and it’s wise to trust your gut instincts. Who you want to be a part of your future could look different once the Full Moon and Eclipse arrives. How you associate to peer pressure especially about choices related to your body, your job and your money can be a strong wake up call about those you relate to. Making personal choices on your own terms is indicated as a major turning point for you now.

Leo: Issues at home, with family and relationships could blow out of proportion this week especially where miscommunications and misunderstanding are concerned. This can prompt you to make changes to your lifestyle and goals. Making healthy, personal changes is suggested. You may feel differently about your career and financial future once the Full Moon arrives. Your motivation to enhance learning through a hobby or having more entertainment to brighten your days is indicated by the end of the week.

Virgo: Having conversations of creativity, imagination and fantasy can be especially beneficial to your relationships this week. The Full Moon indicates a broader perspective of reality for you by getting in touch with your senses and considering what you really want. The Full Moon eclipse can have you changing priorities as what you once wanted is no longer the case. Think outside the box and trust your instincts to create meaningful changes. Disagreements on superficial information about health and lifestyle choices can escalate at the end of the week reminding you of the importance of digging deeper to find the real truth rather than giving in to peer pressure on the limited opinions of others. You would do best to tap into the hobbies and goals that keep your head on straight.


Libra: You may have some challenging feelings come up with family and relationship issues. Identities could be odds and what you want could be at odds with what others want. Love can be tested. The Full Moon eclipse can bring a personal change that is deep within your psyche. You would do wise to wash away fears and doubts to see yourself more clearly and to understand what you really desire and want for your future. Parts of yourself that are usually hidden and unconscious could be revealed, giving you a new understanding of the real you.

Scorpio: What people close to you think and believe about the future may be at odds with your own perspective, pushing you to think outside the box. Peer pressure by family or friends alike might not sit well with you and have you reconsidering what the truth really is. Casual conversations that touch on the bigger goals and changing direction of where society is heading could be eye opening for you this week. You’re likely to have strong feelings of rebellion and a desire for freedom. The Full Moon eclipse is sure to give you a turning point in your relationships as you see the future differently than you had considered before. It’s a pivotal time to get in touch with your instincts for a better understanding of what you really want and who you really want with you going forward. Your karma, beliefs and goals are all important subjects to think about this week. At the end of the week the Sun leaves your sign indicating more attention toward your bigger aims, especially financial and travel considerations.

Sagittarius: Conversations about beliefs can be challenging but eye opening. Peer pressure is a big issue these days, but ultimately the consequences of your choices is your karma so it is wise to make informed choices that are well thought through. Trusting your instincts and doing research is smarter and more reliable than the superficial opinions of others. The Full Moon eclipse puts a spotlight on your health and lifestyle and could have you changing your opinion significantly. Making a choice about work and health can be consequential so it is wise to be very thorough in knowing what is most important. Overcoming peer pressure can be challenging but trusting your intelligence and your instincts is more important. The Sun enters your sign at the end of the week which can have you feeling lighter and brighter about yourself.


Capricorn: Personal feelings, love and identity issues between yourself and people close, at home and with family can be challenging as the week begins. Your buttons might be pushed by differences but it could also prompt you to understand how expressing love is an important part of who you are at your best. Conversations with peers can change you this week. It’s important to see more deeply, below the surface of what people think, say and believe to discover the real truth. The Full Moon eclipse can have you wanting to remember the joy of connecting to nature and feeling a stronger relationship to the natural world. A hobby that makes money on the side could spark your interest. Spending some time having conversations with friends and socializing can spark unconscious, hidden ideas that leads you to want a different future.

Aquarius: Big ideas about your future in your career might be different than what reality is showing you. If you’re learning a new skill or concept it could take a lot more focus than you expected. Career related stress could be pushing your buttons in your personal life, making you feel like fighting harder for your freedoms. The Full Moon eclipse indicates change in your personal circumstances that is in the spotlight where security of your home, family and body are important to you. You may feel strongly about releasing something from your past so you can be more free to have what you really want. Doubts about career and finances are possible but can ultimately lead you to learn and research how to become more abundant.

Pisces: Your higher aims could be challenged by your social circle and peers, having you question what you believe. This can have you taking a step back from the crowd to internalize and consider what is more important to you, your karma and your future. Self assessment and thinking more deeply, and doing research can give you a much more tuned-in sense of yourself. The Full Moon eclipse can have you considering the types of thoughts and feelings friends, acquaintances and neighbors bring to you, and what types of changes you want to make accordingly. Perhaps certain influences aren’t really what you want now, prompting you to choose to step away from some to make room for what you really do want. Associating with people that give you a sense of emotional security, or that provide ideas and opportunities for financial security is wise for your future. Trusting your instincts and paying attention to messages that might warn you of avoiding travel is indicated this week. If conversations about beliefs are challenging it’s likely best to not take them over the edge. Sometimes avoiding topics can help you avoid problems.