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NEW Daily Astrology November 17, 2021 Mars opposite Uranus

Mars in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus today indicating a strong desire for personal choice and freedom. There is a rebellious quality now. Those that are often weak, may find today pushes for courage and strength of convictions and standing up for your rights.

Stress, anxiety, tension and worry could also rise today leading to nervous thoughts and feelings. Deep breathing exercises, hot showers or baths, massage therapy and grounding exercises may be helpful to balance the nervous system.

It’s quite possible to do or say something too quick and make rash decisions. Explosive actions and reactions are likely. Slowing down could be difficult, but necessary.

Arguments can cause sudden, aggressive responses as the defensive, rebellious quality is emphasized now. Differing ideas, information and secrets can push people’s buttons and create issues now.

The desire for financial freedom and financial security is strong, especially where there are restrictions. Strategies to combat inflation, debt, taxes, and credit are in focus now. Financial technology and cryptocurrency could make quick moves.

Disagreements about lies, hidden scientific information and the future direction of technology, the economy, food, biotechnology, the environment and GMOs can get people hot under the collar.

We also have the Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse this week.