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Stinging Words. Changing Thoughts and Beliefs. New Daily Astrology November 20, 2021

Sometimes people say things you just don’t want to hear and sometimes words can really sting – like something crass or negative, rude, critical or judgmental that digs deep and burrows into your psychology and puts you off.

Disagreements and differing perspectives can seem like a bigger deal than usual now.

Sometimes it’s a person you know well, or an acquaintance in your social circle, or sometimes it’s a general perspective that is presented to you randomly in society, by the media or on a social network.

Today words and phrases that are not pleasant, that lead to internalized thoughts or beliefs that aren’t good for you can feel difficult. And secrets revealed in your social life could really feel bothersome.

This can prompt a change in the way you think, to make more of an effort to focus on the positive.

Sometimes the opinions of people and friends you socialize with, you might just want to avoid what they have to say, think and believe so it doesn’t bring you down. You might want to stay away from the news or social networks to keep yourself in a better frame of mind.

The positive opportunity here is that stepping away from negative influences can shift you toward and interest in learning something positive, possibly encouraging you to look at the world from a more spiritual or emotionally intelligent point of view.

Today Mercury in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius are in a difficult position.